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  1. @JoeJoeThe3rd Hey Joe, I just bought the parasound a31 to pair with rf7iii. I was really nervous before reading your review. You see i had rf7ii's paired with emotiva dr3. That emotiva amp is much more powerful and really pushes my rf7ii's like i love. I was nervous about going down to 250 watts on the parasound. But if i read correctly, they can drive your rf7iii's to the moon! Good to hear. Cant wait for my new speakers and parasound come in so i can hear for myself. I was worried if I really could tell a difference from the ii's to the iii's and if the lower power rating wouldn't reach levels I was used to.
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    Hi, i have the same setup as you. Where did you setup the gain? The reason why i care is becuase it says 1 volt gives you 100watts, whatever that means. I want to get the full 250 wattsx3.
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