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  1. Charlie - Which Denon's did you try? I am interested in Denon, Marantz, Sony and Outlaw. Thanks. Mark
  2. wife_said_no - Thanks for taking the time to find the post. Toots - While the cross over is may not be matched across the Ref line. The horn is the same in very similar for better timbre matching. I have a PSB as my center now, will soon be replaced and it sticks out to my ear. Additionally, I think the in-wall line is much more directional and would have definite sweet spots. IMHO
  3. I had submitted a pix of my white RS-3's on the ceiling. Kathy, I personally think they look ok, I have a 9 foot ceiling so that helps a little bit. I had no choice mounting on side walls, since I had only one wall available. If you would like some pictures, let me know. I can snap a couple for you to show you what it looks like. I tried to look for the post, but couldn't find it in my hasty search. I believe the subject was "How are your RS-3s mounted" Mark
  4. I agree with Charlie. I live 60 miles from the nearest dealer. If I would like to purchase the products, I have to get in a car drive for an hour, deal with the dealer, and drive an hour home. I purchased my RF-3s from the dealer in a face to face transaction. They had a great price. Now they have jacked up their prices, so I mail ordered my RS-3's. I was going to replace my center PSB with the RC-3, but it looks like I will almost have to pay retail for the center. If that is the case, I will pass on the transaction. I really think that Klipsch is shooting themselves in the foot. There are several reputable internet dealer's out there and should allow internet sales, but police the companies that provide the service. I understand that the retail shops have to handle the overhead, but there is a couple of models that one can work from. One is to provide the goods at a fair price, one that provides a profit and competes with the internet sales shops and sell more units so that the total margin remains the same. The second is to sell less units at a higher price to achieve the same total margin. I have know several retailers that have found the former model to work much better than the latter. Additionally, there is add on sales that the retailers can achieve through cable sales, etc. Just my 2 cents.
  5. They are authorized and I have purchased from them. I live in NE and had my order the next day. I believe you do need to ask for double box if that is what you want. I forgot, but my box was covered with Fragile Stickers. I would do business with them again in a heartbeat. I just hope that bringing attention to them on this board does not hurt their ability to mail order.
  6. Just a follow up to my post above. I did receive the credit. Also worked with Carlos on the initial transaction. He was good to work with, just didn't like the fact that I was not told the truth about availability. Also, I was never treated rudely by anyone other than the fact that they did not tell the truth about the out of stock issue. I will be looking at purchasing a receiver in the near future. I will probably look at the Denon 3801 and give Uncles a shot at redemption, but I will also shop the company that I ended up buying the surrounds from. If they are within 5%, I will go with them. Just wanted to clarify that I was not trying to say that I would never do business with Uncles, just be cautious and remember that there are other avenues out there as well. I am also dying to get a new sub. I had a friend that bought the LF-10 off ubid and I had it home for a few days. Even my spouse has asked when I will get a "thing" as good as what I brought home.
  7. I cannot share the same enthusiasm regarding Uncles. I think they may be great if it is a common item that everyone has in stock. I ordered a pair of White RS-3's from them last Monday. Had shopped both local dealers and no one had white. I asked Uncle's 4 times during the order if they had them. Was told yes, but they would have to get them from their Jersey store. Then asked when I could get a tracking number. Was told they would go out on Wednesday and to call on Friday for a tracking number. This sent some flags up for me. Card was charged on Tuesday. Called back on Thursday and they said they would go out today, call tomorrow for tracking number. Called on Friday and was told there was a snow storm and sick employees, they would go out today. Called on Monday and they were to go out "today". When I told them about the Visa regulations that you must ship within 24 hours, I was told to hold on, he came back on and said he would give me an immediate credit. I then asked if they had them in stock and he said no, didn't know when they would be in. I understand wanting to get the sale. I also understand that they can be hard to deal with if one is not use to negotiating. I don't mind any of that, but I expect honesty about a product being in stock. Called another dealer, closer to home later on Monday and received the speakers yesterday, they were demo's in great shape and saved $40 over Uncle's and felt they could be trusted. So please beware if you are looking for a little harder to find item if they say they have it in stock. I have yet to see my charge credited on may account. That may take a couple of days.
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