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  1. @Schu Sent PM. Would love to buy these speakers. Hoping they're still available 🤞
  2. A slow 12 minute rumbler that builds and rolls that I stumbled across at the end of last year:
  3. New Order at their epic best. Their ode to lost band mate Ian Curtis. Always makes the hairs stand up. The musical equivalent of my beloved north of England in all of its bleak and operatic glory.
  4. Thanks guys. I saw there is a thread sharing Youtube based music so figured instead of just posting for the sake of it, I could post a couple of songs and hit my quota.
  5. I think according to the site rules I have to post five times in order to be able to use the messaging function of the forum. This is to avoid spam apparently but now I have to spam just to unlock the feature I need, so apologies in advance.
  6. Hi. I'm sure they've sold by now but just in case, are these still available? Because of the regulations for new members I can't message you direct I'm afraid.
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