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  1. Can I use Klipsch KG-5.5 woofers to replace the woofers of the Klipsch Epic CF-3 woofers? My Epic 3 woofers are damaged and want to get it working as I can't find a place to fix them. Please let me know. Thanks in advance.
  2. But one of my speaker if I tilt it, both speakers will work. But, if I put the speaker in a vertical position, the woofer will have a good sound and then will cut off also. If I push the other speaker in, it will have a sound but if I removed my fingers from the pushing of the cone, the sound will disappear in few seconds
  3. There is a tear done on the plastic woofer when I turned on the volume a little louder.
  4. That's probably what I did. I thought that although I have a Denon PMA 700, it will give power for the CF3 speakers. But, the other pair works fine.
  5. Thanks for the input. Do you know any replacements for the K1030 10W, that works on the Epic CF-3's if no longer exist??
  6. I am looking for a woofer Klipsch K1030 10W to replace my one that is blown woofer on my Klipsch Epic CF 3 and I can't find one in the internet. Any suggestion who can fix my woofer. The diaphragm is blown not the cone. Thanks
  7. I have one Klipsch Epic CF3 woofer that is blown. I am looking for a replacment K1030 10W and can't find it in the internet. Do you have any idea where to buy. Thanks in advance.
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