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  1. Lol let's hope not. They were listed on Craigslist for a month before I noticed them.
  2. Thanks 😊 Well they are here and they are sound fantastic. They have the b2 crossovers the soldered mid range driver. I got them for 700 and they came with a nice walnut klipsch 10" sub, fairly new Yamaha home theater receiver and Yamaha 5 disc changer. How'd I do?
  3. I'll try to report back later today then if time allows. If you have time, check out my hifi playlist. Been working on it off and on for several months. https://tidal.com/browse/playlist/e3acdcad-4509-4db5-8f88-1ffc9d16a167
  4. Getting some 1982 Cornwalls tomorrow. My first order of business will be to purchase a crossover upgrade kit from Bob Crites. Can I listen to them in the mean time? Could I damage the speakers/drivers by listening to them with the old capacitors? I'm not going to go crazy with volume. Nothing more than a watt or two. Please advise. Thank you
  5. After reading all the replies and doing many, many, many hours of research on Marantz receivers I've landed on the 2245. There is less than 1 db of difference between 45 watt amp and 52 watt amp. The search is on for a fully refurbished one. Thank you all for your valuable input!
  6. Wow amazing response! Thank you! I have been researching Rock and roll music gear equipment history, but have never seen that pic before. Incredible. Thank you! Goes to show that more really is more! Lol!
  7. Checked it out, nice but way above the point of diminishing returns for my speakers, source, and room. Looking for amp and pre in the $400-500 range and kinda have my heart set on an old Marantz. About to go read your in the 2252b suggested above.
  8. Thanks for the suggestions and the welcome back! It's good to be back and obsessing over the mineutia again lol. My room is only 12x14, so 168 cubic feet. Speaker specs copied from above handling 65 watts maximum continuous (325 watts peak)sensitivity 94dB @ 1watt/1meter I did read the post about having an amp too small, so I'm reserved about cranking my little amp now up to much. Kinda looking for the Goldilocks amp. Not to weak to get into clipping early and not too powerful to blow the tweeters out again. Keep the suggestions coming. 😁
  9. I was an active forum member around 2002-2004. Haven't had a dedicated 2 channel setup in a long time! Got married, started a family, you know. I found a set of kg 3.5 speakers in a pawn shop with blown tweeters and did the crites tweeter upgrade two nights ago. I have a dragonfly red hooked to my computer to steam lossless Tidal. Using a small class t amp for power right now. Probably will put out 10 watts after a few upgrades. So far estatic to have some good tunes. I plan to upgrade to a vintage Marantz 2200b series receiver. My speakers are 65 watts max and in a small room, but I like them loud. I'm wondering how many watts of amp power I should get to match those speakers well and not run the risk of blowing them. I play loud electric guitar and will use the Klipsch as my backup band, so it's gonna be loud! What do you recommend? Thank you and good to be back!
  10. I just added new Hi-res pictures for anyone interested.
  11. Yeah, I still have my klipsch speakers, and nice HT reciever, so its not a total loss. I'm hoping for a seperate tube system one day. When i have a bigger house. Maybe some klipsch horns & SET's.... *dreams* Thanks Everyone!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm a long time reader / lurker and I have to sell my gear. All of which I aquired in this forum. It was all rebuilt by NOSValves from this forum. He did an awesome job because it sounds beautiful and works perfectly. I have to sell because I need money. I took pefect care of my gear and I'm hoping someone here will pick it up so it would goto a loving home (with klipsch speakers) Dynaco St-70 rebuilt + mods + Cat5 Speaker Cables http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?ampstube&1160701391 Mapletree Ultra 4A SE rebuilt + mods http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/auc.pl?preatube&1160702023
  13. I have 2 rf-5s for sale for $1100.00 Mint Condition, spikes, paperwork. Still have everything for these. About 1 year old, with maybe 100 hours on them. No excessive volume, everything in perfect condition. I live close to Lake Charles, Louisiana.
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