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  1. Another follow-up. Klipsch finally did come up with a firmware update that worked. My soundbar hasn't experienced the no sound issue since the update. You do have to be careful to not try and adjust the volume with the TV remote (not the Klipsch remote) until it has connected (about 5 seconds or so). If you do, it may crap out and you have to unplug/plug to get the soundbar working again. On a related note, thought I would play some music from my phone on the soundbar via bluetooth today. Push the bluetooth button on the remote...and...the soundbar starts connecting and disconnecting repeatedly. Tone to indicate connected, tone to indicate disconnected. Display toggles between BT 30 and VOL 30. rebooted phone, rebooted soundbar. unplug/plug soundbar. Did not fix. phone indicates bar is connecting/disconnecting. I do believe it is a problem with the soundbar since I can connect to all other bluetooth devices I own. I have a ticket in to Klipsch support. And I thought summers in MIchigan were buggy!!!! Geez, you'd think bluetooth connection would be settled tech at this point.
  2. I did finally hear back from Klipsch support a few days ago. They acknowledged the glitch that freezes up my Cinema 1200 intermittently upon start up is a known issue and they are working to fix it with a firmware update. They did not provide a date though.
  3. Thanks for the thorough and thoughtful response KevinB. I'll try a few more things. When I first purchased the Cinema 1200 in the fall of 2021, my 5 year old Samsung TV didn't have eARC, only ARC. So I could not get Dolby Atmos transmitted to the soundbar if I put my cable box and Firestick into the TV. I had both the cable and Firestick connected to the soundbar HDMI inputs then HDMI from the soundbar to the TV. Well, the glitch here is every time I turned on the equipment, the soundbar would play from it's own HDMI inputs for a few seconds but then switch to "TV". Work around was to use Klipsch remote to switch back to "HDMI"...every time. Klipsch recommended putting the cable box and firestick inputs into the TV, not the soundbar. A few months later I purchased a new Samsung TV with eARC and now the new batch of issues. As Kurt Vonnegut wrote, "so it goes". I agree. The Cinema 1200 really does sound good when it's working. Almost makes the glitches and workarounds (plug/unplug) tolerable. I suspect Klipsch is working to provide a new firmware update since the previous one is no longer available. I'll sit tight for a few more weeks to see what happens. Need to weigh that against the wife yelling, "the sound doesn't work again, come fix it!" Since we're talking glitches, I'll add another one. I really enjoy being able to switch to bluetooth with the remote and listen to music from my phone, but the last time I did that the subwoofer stopped working. When I switched the soundbar from bluetooth back to "TV", the subwoofer was still not working despite a solid blue LED on the subwoofer. <sigh> unplug/plug got it working again. The salt in the wound for me is my previous Definitive Technology soundbar with Playfi was full of glitches too. (The wireless subwoofer stopped connecting, it was out of warranty, so I finally scrapped it.) I purchased the Cinema 1200 to replace it. Again, biasing sound quality over software. My mistake evidently.
  4. Hello to everyone. I have been reading this thread with a lot of interest. Thought I'd share my experience. I purchased a Cinema 1200 in the fall of 2021 and have been experiencing many if not all of the issues cited here. Buggy app, mismatches between setting in app and settings on sound bar. My main problem though is the soundbar will intermittently freeze up when I turn the equipment on. No buttons on remote or soundbar will fix it. All I have is a cable box connected to a Samsung TV via HDMI. HDMI eARC from TV to HDMI eARC on soundbar. When the glitch happens, the soundbar will only produce a low volume, high frequency, static-like sound which comes and goes. Only solution is to unplug/replug AC power. Sometimes I will have to repeat this 2 or 3 times to get the soundbar to work. The process is: unplug the sound bar for 10 seconds, the TV audio will come on through the TV speakers. Plug soundbar back in. TV audio speakers cut out. Soundbar audio comes on briefly, then cuts out again while wifi connects. Once "wifi connected" message is done, the audio may or may not come back. If it comes back, then I'm good to go. If it doesn't, I repeat the process. A related bug is occasionally when I turn on the TV, the soundbar will switch to its digital input so there is no sound. In that case, I switch it back to "TV" with the remote and then sound. Go figure. Very frustrating. I've been working with Klipsch support and have an open ticket (opened Jan 30th). I was getting good support to try different fixes up until three weeks ago. Now nothing for 3 weeks, crickets. No response, no update. Last message was they were going to have to refer the problem to their tech team since it was "a bit of an odd one". Oh yeah, I went through the firmware update process. What a fiasco. Two USB drives and 3 hours later I had the bar updated to: MCU v99 > WIFI > DSP 4.9 > SUR T 82 > SUR R 82 > SUR L 82 > SUB T 03 > SUB R 06 > HDMI 43 Problem is still there. My current work around is to get an extension cord so I can plug the sound bar into an outlet near my sofa so I can cycle the AC power quickly and easily (maybe I should hook it up to the Clapper! lol) What I've tried so far: new HDMI cable changed plug from outlet strip to wall outlet factory reset changed wifi from 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz firmware update all combinations of eARC, HDMI, Dolby Atmos, digital output formats on Samsung TV all possible digital output formats on Comcast cable box If I don't hear from Klipsch support soon, I'm going to contact Crutchfield about a refund/return. I'll post what happens.
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