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  1. Hi Guys I am having difficulty on choosing speaks for a Small room, I have a Small 12ft x 12ft wood wall frame room. I can not cut into walls so the speakers will have to hang on walls because I have no room on the floors for speakers. I currently have 2 klipsch 12-inch subs on the floors RS120 And they are more than enough bass for this small room I have wood subfloors so these subs shake the entire house. What I need help with is choosing the right bookshelf speakers to hang on the walls. Like I said it’s a small room and I don’t want to over do it. I want Nice balanced sound that is easy on ears for hours of listening enjoyment of movies and music. I don’t want to over do it. I like Natural sound quality. Speakers that will work well for Dolby Atmos and Music. So I want a 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos Speaker setup. I am not sure what type of speakers are required for Dolby Atmos setup. One problem I have with my current speaker setup is that ONE movie causes my AVR to Over heat and shutdown. That Movie is “Gravity”. I think my current speakers can not handle the highs and lows of this Movie. So I need some good speakers that can handle this range of highs and lows in modern movies. Can you Help ?
  2. What is the difference between the bar 48 and Cinema 600 besides the subwoofer ? is the sound bar using the same speakers and amp wattage ?
  3. Hi, I purchased a Klipsch sound bar 40” with 8” sub before the Cinema 600 came out. Should I upgrade to the Cinema 600 or is their a better sound bar like the 1200 with Dolby Atmos ?
  4. “Ready Player One” In 5.2.4 Dolby Atmos surround sound.
  5. Okay, I am in a small 12ft x 12ft Wood framed room with wood subfloors. So I don’t need allot to engulf the room with sound. I want like a Movie theater audio. I would like to be like the Dolby Theater on Hollywood. I want a Balanced sound. But I also want good music audio reproduction so thats way I want bookshelf speakers with 5 or 6 inch drivers. What I have observed is that some Klipsch speakers produce an echo like sound or reverb. Hollow hallway like echo. I don’t want that. I want more of an Easy on Ears Natural sound. I don’t want a concert hall sound. But I want clarity and detail in sound. NOT a Muddy sound. Which Klipsch speaker would you recommend ?
  6. Hi, I live in a small wooden house. I currently am working on improving my home theater. it in a small 12ft x 12ft. Room made of wood walls and wood subfloor. I have two Klipsch subwoofers R-12sw ( 12-inch, 400watts ) I have a Onkyo 6050nr AVR with a 5.1.2 Atmos surround sound setup. I have an AppleTV and 4k Blu-ray player. I purchased some cheap Dayton-656 6-inch woofer bookshelf speakers and center channel about 15 years ago. They are really cheap but work okay amazingly. But I am ready to take my setup to the Next Level. I am looking for some Good Budget friendly Bookshelf speakers that I can hang on the Wall as I don’t have any room for floor standing speakers. I would like some 5 or 6 inch dome speakers. Purpose of speakers will be for listening to Music and Movies. I want Dolby Digital / DTS / THX compliant speakers I want to hear the Music and Movies as the Creators intended for it to be heard. But I want hours of listening enjoyment so I don’t want the speakers to be over powering and hard on the ears. My Klipsch subwoofers already “SHAKE” the entire house so I don’t need more bass. I would like 3 pair of Bookshelf speakers and one center channel. What klipsch speakers do you suggest ? I like treble and clear voice audio. Separation between audio instruments and voice so I like detailed audio. I don’t want to audio to be drowned out by too much bass. In my Setup I currently have a Klipsch 2.1 Soundbar 40 with 8-inch subwoofer as my default speakers when I watch TV. When I watch Movies I turn off the soundbar and turn on the 5.1.2 Atmos Surround sound setup
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