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  1. I too recently upgraded my K77s to Dave's SMAHL V2 tweeters. They were a snug fit and the bolt holes lined up perfectly. Sound is fantastic, a great improvement over the originals. Here is a closeup installed in my 1986 La Scalas. I would probably paint them but they are normally behind a grill. Well worth the nominal expense for the quality of this virtually indestructible tweeter.
  2. So I resurrected my old Hafler DH-200 Amp and Carver CT-7 preamp. The Hafler needed one cap replaced and now seems to be working fine with a very slight hum, that does not increase with volume and is independent of connections to other equipment. I have a few ideas for that (replace the other small elecrolytic caps and new RCA terminals for starts). My Carver also seems to be working OK, but is scratchy with the volume and the phono input is finicky. I have a separate phono preamp for that issue so not a big deal. Also, I do like the sonic holography feature. Regardless, I'm going to stick with the Hafler, I like how it sounds compared to my other receivers and it's simple to fix. My question is should I put money into the 35 year old Carver or look for a tube preamp? I'm thinking the latter and then maybe in the future I could get a separate tube amp as well. This is all to drive my La Scalas.
  3. I just upgraded my JBL XOs to T3s as well. Not a huge change, although no real way to compare. They seem a little more refined, but more importantly are ready to go another 35 years. A good reason to do the same for the ones in my La Scala.
  4. Yeah. Maybe why I got them at $200. But I was honest with him. I asked the seller if they said AL-3 and he said they did. Dean also confirmed before I bought them.
  5. Here is the original pressing side one.
  6. Yes, the "hot" lp has RL on side one as well. The other LZii has an etch that I mistook for an RL.
  7. So you might be right about the fake RL. It sorta makes sense that he would not master the 2nd pressing. And yes to the main point. The narrow dead wax indicates it’s the RL hot mix. Worth a google search but essentially it was so dynamic that people complained about the bass making their needle skip. It was thought defective!
  8. Good eye on the Bob Ludwig. That does make it more collectible, but they both have RL in the deadwax. Other one is not visible. The comment about the runout being narrower is the key.
  9. No, no, and no.
  10. Posting this for fun. Who can tell me which of these LZII albums is the high $$ one, and why?
  11. Yes, all seems to be working fine now. I know many folks think the AA networks sound better at lower volume, and these do sound better the more I turn them up, but based on my listening habits the AL-3 is the right choice for me.
  12. XOs installed. Had one bad solder joint causing the woofer to cut out. Now working great, no thanks to the sellor who did an absolute crap packing job. Also, found an alternate for the brittle orange gasket for the squawker. Ace Hardware. Outer diameter is 2 1/4 but inner diameter was spot on. Maybe just a bit thicker. Cut with scissors, not pretty but took like 20 seconds so whatever. $3.50 each. And yes all three holes are the same size. Its an optical illusion.
  13. I'm stumped by Grinderswitch, got to admit! The others of course make regular rotations. Thought I had more UFO albums, but these are all my favorites, all minty first pressings. I think I'll play one, and then the first album by UK which I accidentally pulled out. Haven't listened to that one in like forever.
  14. Yes. All the old stuff is great. Force it is the album from them that has the risky cover. Not nearly as bad as this one. I mean, what were they thinking? The only one that is worse is Scorpions taken by force. I'm not going to show that one at all.
  15. The cover to permanent waves was altered? Never knew that. I have several albums by the scorpions and one by blind faith, and UFO, and likely a few others that are WAY more controversial than that. Now those are covers I couldn't show my parents then, or my kids now!
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