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  1. Orrrr...Marvel is actually only 8 inches tall and that tree is really just a sapling
  2. My Wife's side of the family are true cowboys. She learned to ride a horse before she learned to walk. Her Uncle is retired but still has about 500 head of Black Angus steer just as a hobby. Lol.
  3. If you guys are interested my Wife's cousin is a pretty famous farrier, metal worker and author. Well in Farrier circles. His name is Jim Keith. He lives in Tucumcari New Mexico. This is one of his books.
  4. Something a little different. Highly recommend.
  5. The large piece is earmarked. My Wife wants a table. 😬
  6. Cherry anyone? A small sample from last Sunday's tree felling.
  7. Happy Father's day everyone. I'll be dealing with a Cherry tree and two Black Walnut trees coming down tomorrow. I'll be playing with the log splitter for what can only assume will be most of the day. 🙄
  8. Also good as a pizza cutter from what I'm told. 😏
  9. Arthur ave ! Very close....Jerome Ave.
  10. Just joking
  11. I'm just waiting for someone to ask a guy from Japan for his Poutine recipe. Lol.
  12. Sorry...just had to say it. I'm sure that the pizza is very tasty.
  13. Very confused here. Born in the Bronx. Still live in NY. Granted no longer in the city, and a Canadian is asking an Australian for pizza recipes? 🤣
  14. All it needs is a nice warm marinara bath and to be made all comfy in a warm blanket of pasta. 😈
  15. You tell 'em Wimpy.
  16. Gotta cut back on the vinyl spending unfortunately. I have one of these showing up at the end of the month. It's called a Mandala v3 drum. Unfortunately between HiFi and musical instruments, I have very pricey hobbies. Look the Mandala up, the frigging thing is insane. I can't wait to throw it on one of my drum sets.
  17. Thanks...I know...you also can't ever go wrong with Paul Desmond. I love both of them
  18. A couple of new ones I picked up today.
  19. Long break at work today. Took a walk to Koreatown in Manhattan. Had me some Korean BBQ. Before you ask...no it wasn't cat, dog or some other source of odd protein. Just some yummy porkbelly. 😋
  20. I guess that the boys at Hudson Valley HiFi are having a sale if anyone is interested.
  21. Crap...it might impart "diffusion". 😉
  22. The frugal audiophile speaker stand.
  23. We are having a new resurgence of Black Bears in our area. I have no issue whatsoever with this. They were here first. If anyone gets out of line at the homestead, I take no issue with a 12 gauge greeting. It would really have to be dire to come to that though.
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