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  1. Long break at work today. Took a walk to Koreatown in Manhattan. Had me some Korean BBQ. Before you ask...no it wasn't cat, dog or some other source of odd protein. Just some yummy porkbelly. 😋
  2. I guess that the boys at Hudson Valley HiFi are having a sale if anyone is interested.
  3. Crap...it might impart "diffusion". 😉
  4. We are having a new resurgence of Black Bears in our area. I have no issue whatsoever with this. They were here first. If anyone gets out of line at the homestead, I take no issue with a 12 gauge greeting. It would really have to be dire to come to that though.
  5. I was just down in Florida visiting the Rents. Saw a group of 6 Dillos having lunch.
  6. I hate to see any little critter being wiped out. That being said...if they are the carriers of deadly disease...we certainly need to come first. Sorry little guy. We are a little higher on the food chain.
  7. Much cooler here today. Forcast say a high of only 75
  8. I do have a Sub. Something to think about.
  9. "Just thought to post my coffee setup I roast my own beans" Awesome setup!
  10. Okay...so...opinions certainly vary. Looking for some advice. Any thoughts and experience with getting the Heresy IVs up off of the floor? I have heard and read tons of conflicting opinions on this subject. I'm certainly game for trying but would love to get some expert opinions before spending money on stands. Granted, I certainly could try to rig something up on the cheap just to try. I would love to hear from anyone who has experience doing this before I waste time and money on something that could possibly fix or make worse what very well could be a nonexistent problem.
  11. Luckily you don't live here.
  12. Nope, just plaster with paint on it.
  13. Didn’t think that we were going to keep the stucco after the purchase of the house. We later discovered that stucco walls serve a time honored purpose. Home alone? Have an itch on your back? Have stucco walls? Problem solved! 😁
  14. Not sure, but I can ask the previous owner. I would not doubt that it's rubber based. Of course it could just be some serious "coatage".
  15. Honestly, after over fifty years of playing the drums, I hardly notice any minor details anymore. I'm actually used to hearing Echo in music anyway. Live sound guys tend to go that route. Not so much interested in fidelity but volume and soundstage. I'm just happy that it seems to work for me.
  16. I don't know, you tell me. 😁
  17. That's the downstairs family room. No audio down there. YET! 😈
  18. Just an antique sofa a couple of antique chairs and a large glass coffee table. Well, there is also a giant wood stove. The floor is hardwood with two giant area rugs.
  19. Truth be told...it actually does. I have not noticed any Echo whatsoever
  20. I read it on the internets so it must be true. 😁
  21. The sound panels reminded me. I totally forgot to mention that the stucco walls in my living room turned out so be perfect for sound absorption. Who would have thunk it? So if you are looking for cheap panels, just go buy some mud and a trowel, and start slinging it. 😉
  22. Needed some old school funny
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