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  1. Great album from a musical genius.
  2. Back home in NY. While the trip to see the folks in Florida went well, and I am always thrilled to see Mom and Dad. The fact that it is now 62F outside and not 96F with 100% humidity makes me happy in a way mere words cannot do justice to.
  3. Quick fact...The Everglades is actually not a swamp but a slow moving river. Considered by many to be the worlds widest river at 112 miles.
  4. In Florida safe and sound. Thus far the temperature has been quite tolerable. Heading out for an airboat ride in The Everglades. 😁
  5. The "Tapper" through me off for a sec. "Ring Banger" or "Knocker" is how I have always heard it. "Tapper" works though.
  6. Oh well...price went up quite a bit. Still completely worth it
  7. If you're ever in the area check out The Thayer Hotel. They are on The West Point campus. Their Sunday champagne brunch is the stuff of legend. I'm not sure what the price is of late. The last time I took the Wife it was around $27.00 per person. They could have charged $50.00, and it still would have been well worth it.
  8. Depending upon traffic...perhaps seven minutes.πŸ˜„
  9. Ten minutes tops. πŸ˜‰
  10. One of my best friends is a Culinary Institute of America graduate. We have been sharing recipes since 7th grade. Gotta love having a professional to bounce ideas off of. 😁
  11. Why yes...I did..
  12. Lol...homemade cream of tomato soup with smoked paprika anyone?
  13. I almost forgot how much I love this album....nah...no way that I could possibly forget. 😊
  14. It should top out at 86F when I get there on Sunday.
  15. I know...the crap prices are effing ridiculous
  16. I looked...unfortunately the prices are through the roof. I'm hoping for another repressing
  17. Well add Snakes and Arrows to the list. Lol
  18. Seriously...if anyone has extra copies and would like to sell them at a reasonable price I will certainly take them off of your hands. I am also possibility looking for Rush Test for Echo and Rush Feedback. I'm getting tired of waiting for a re-press and ridiculous prices. I know...patience is a virtue. I would just love to finish my Rush studio album collection. Even if you don’t have them, if you happen to spot them at a reasonable price and don’t need them for yourself, please let me know. Thanks in advance. BTW, if anyone is looking for anything in particular, please let me know. I'll keep an eye open for you.
  19. Still looking for copies of Rush Roll The Bones and Rush Counterparts. If anyone has a copy of either that they would like to sell for something slightly less than my left ******** let me know. 😜
  20. Just picked this up. Had to!!!. Lol.
  21. Taking it back to 1982 today.
  22. Sorry I have been busy myself. Almost had to make an emergency trip out to New Mexico. My Mother-in-law was rushed to the hospital via life flight. They live in the middle of nowhere. Thank goodness she is okay. So...back for now. Heading down to Florida on Sunday though. Not looking forward to the effing heat.
  23. Anyone have any experience with Small Audio Manufacturer? Their stuff looks nice but I know that looks can be very deceiving.
  24. Well saying too much might be considered pointless and extraneous. πŸ˜‰
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