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  1. Howdy, When I select the CD or tuner option on the amp, I turn up the volume and there is a loud humming sound coming from the speakers. When I crank it up, the music drowns out the humming sound. I thought maybe the amp should be grounded, but I've read that others have the same problem with these exact speakers. Any know solutions? Thanks. Regards, Wolf
  2. Hello Again, I am willing to spend $1K - $2K for a amp/tuner (used would be fine -ebay). My friend gave me a Kenwood 6030 amp, but I could turn it up all the way and the speakers handle it with no problem with minimal distortion. I'd like to have a more powerful/better amp as I understand that the signal is cleaner at lower volumes. Is that correct. I heard about McIntosh and Krell, but those are way outta my range!! My wallet isn't thick enough!! How about Carver?? They're kinda pricey too! Let me know your thoughts as they are appreciated. P.S. How do I get rid of the noise on my KSP-300 speakers. I hear that others have the same problem. Sincerely, The Newbie Wolf
  3. Hi Keith, Thank you for the suggestion. I didn't even know that there was such an option!! I'll call them again soon as they've closed for a few hours. Sincerely, MV
  4. Howdy, Bought a pair of KSP-300's from e-bay. Looking for a good amp for these speakers. These speakers already have a amp built in for the subs so I don't know how good of a amp I really need. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Regards, MV
  5. Hi, I'm looking for a mid-range speaker for my KSP 300's as one of mine is blown!! Can you help? Thanks. Regards, MV
  6. I purchased a pair of ksp-300 speakers from e-bay. One mid-range speaker was blown so now I'm searching the US first...the world next, for a replacement. Thank you for your help. Regards, MV
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