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  1. I would like to know the values of the inductors if anyone can tell me from the klipsch part numbers.
  2. Really? Do you think these have not degraded in 40 years? One cap has already been replace. I would like to know what is the best replacements.
  3. What would be a good equivalent to replace them with? Brand? Type?
  4. I am just trying to get an accurate schematic to determine the crossover points. Possibly update it if any components have broken down.
  5. Everything seems to be the same except the MSM section. It has two caps, two chokes and a tap. See markup. The inductors are as follows: 2133 two of these in the MWM section 2357 MSM section 2358 MSSM section 2359 MSM section 2360 MSSM section TA2 MSM section
  6. That looks close, but my network has more components that that. It also uses the 2" Gauss mid driver and not the 4 barrel manifold. Not sure how much that would change it. It's also using 20 mF caps.
  7. Does anyone have a schematic for the crossover used on the MCM? The stack I have is a four way. The tag says it is Type M-4. The caps have values on them but the chokes only have part numbers.
  8. 69"W x 17"H x 45"D Splits are much easier to handle. Anyone that has moved a double will tell you!
  9. Correction. The crossovers are ALK Type A
  10. Clearing out my building and have to let these go. I have listened to these on almost a daily basis. I use them as the rear channels for my MCM's. These are LSBLS and SN 8410678 & 79. The crossovers are upgraded to ALK universals. $1500
  11. I hate to sell these but I am clearing out my building and have to let them go. I listen to these on almost a daily basis with La Scala's for rear channels. After research with the Klipsch factory, after I bought these, I believe these to be the first split subs they produced (SN MWM S 1001 through 1004). These serial numbers were hand stamped. Every option Klipsch offered was added to these stacks. Gauss HF-4000 mid drivers, Fiberglass and aluminum trim, Type-M passive 4-way crossover. Here is you chance to own a piece of history. I don't think too many of these have survived. $3500
  12. BR928

    WTB La Scala I

    I have a pair of '84 LaScalla's with ALK crossovers if interested. I am in Baton Rouge, LA. Model: LSBLS S/N: 8410678 & 79
  13. I am mounting the drivers today. In honor of their heritage I am using K33's for the woofers. After all, they should have a Klipsch heart. Squawkers are JBL-2426's. Tweeters are Selenium D220TI. I will install the ALK crossovers after testing and the levels are set.
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