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Found 4 results

  1. On my last forum i Wrote about my Klipsch KG 5.5's that i acquired at a garage sale for a great bargain. I just got my Crites Titanium tweeter upgrades today and now i want to change the look of the speaker cosmetically. I have the natural Oak finish, and i was maybe thinking about doing a White carbon fiber vinyl wrap on the sides, and a black carbon fiber wrap on the front baffle. Any thoughts on this? If you guys have any other ideas, let me know, i want to make them look badass and unique.
  2. I recently acquired a pair of the Klipsch KG 5.5 speakers in 9.5/10 condition at a garage sale for $200 bucks for the pair! A friggin steal! However as i cranked them up i heard a loud buzzing in the woofer. Upon further research it seems that other people have this same problem with the KG series. The speakers turn 20 this August 27th, so they are old and people have said that with age there will be loose crap under the dust cap that causes the loud and annoying vibrations that i hear when i turn them up to medium volumes. So far I'm going to buy some replacement Titanium Dome Diagaphrams for the tweeters from bob crites, and I'm looking for a good replacement woofer. I know somebody makes a replacement woofer specifically for the KG series listed here. http://www.ebay.com/itm/160962694691?_trksid=p5197.c0.m619 Looking at the specs they don't give you any frequency response graphs, so i decided that i will probably use this woofer https://www.parts-express.com/goldwood-gw-10pc-8-10-heavy-duty-woofer-8-ohm--290-324 The sensitivity and impedance of this woofer is the same as the replacement one so it should work, and the reviews say its great. Does anybody have any thoughts or opinions on this, or any upgrade ideas to make my KG 5.5's even better?
  3. I have searched the forum without success, attempting to locate the member who built a custom center channel for his KG 5.5's out of a kg 5.5. Can someone help me with this?
  4. Hello all, I'm pretty new to this forum, but have owned Klipsch for quite a while. I have two pairs of KG 5.5's that I would like to fully upgrade. I have already ordered the titanium tweeter diaphragms from Bob Crites, and they should arrive soon. I am also considering new crossovers, but will install the diaphragms first and see how they sound. Unfortunately (and I will freely admit) I am not the greatest DIY guy in the world. Ask me about computers and I'm all over it, but wiring and building is not my forte.... So, what I'm asking for is some advice and hopefully a point to an illustrated, step by step presentation of how to get into, improve, and button up these speakers. I've not even opened them yet, so I don't know what to expect....They have not been stressed at all, and are in quite pristine condition, but while I have a few bucks, I would like to upgrade them for the long haul... Some additional info: I'm going to be using these in a HT/music setup, so I will be purchasing a Yamaha Aventage receiver, as well as an Emotiva XPA-5 amp. Music tastes are classic rock, soul/funk, jazz, Pavarotti and others.... A few questions based on some reading I've done.... 1. Replace the crossovers with Crites? Highly recommended? 2. Shall I install some damping foam inside the cabinets? - How? 3. Do the cabinets need bracing? Is this necessary? 4. Anything else? Again, if someone could point me to a site where I could see some of this, and learn more, that would be awesome. Thanks so much for all of your help. Jim
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