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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking to replace the squawker horns on my '75 Klipschorns (K400). Preferably something that can be used as a drop-in replacement using the stock K55(V), but all options will be considered. If you are selling a pair of Fastrac, Eliptrac, Volti V-trac horns or similar, please PM me. -AG
  2. I just purchased new La Scala II's . I am a long time Klipsch fan and I have some experience with La Scala's. I thought that perhaps a new Crites CT120 tweeter might be a sonic upgrade for the stock tweeter. I already have these tweeters waiting to install. I also ordered Bob Crites new A-55G driver. I find the midrange too shouty and I'm hoping this new driver helps improve things. I had La Scala I's back in college for 2 weeks and returned them for Cornwall II's due to the LS's lack of deep bass and shouty midrange. I still have the Cornwalls. With the advent of subwoofers obviously the bass issues aren't a problem and I love the LS midbass. Anyway, I was thinking of swapping out my stock 401 horn for the wooden tractix Fastrac horn. I'm hoping it will also improve sound and by being much shorter than the stock horn I would not need to enlarge the hole in the back of the La Scala to accomadate the larger A-55G. Does anyone here have thoughts, ideas or experience with these modifications? I know I'm messing with PWK's sacred designs so I hope I don't get jumped on but I know what sounds right to me. I've always loved the design of the La Scala's and I'm committed to making this purchase work for me.
  3. I have some mid-range harshness in my La Scalas, which I know is a common complaint. I have been researching new speakers but am also wondering if a change/upgrade to my LSs would make a difference. I came across the daves fastlane site and their fastrac horns. Has anyone put these in La Scalas? And, if so, what difference did you hear? Also, I have Crites CT-125 tweeters and 4500 crossovers in my La Scalas. Thanks
  4. EDIT: Black La Scala Sold see new post here: https://community.klipsch.com/index.php?/topic/159993-fs-klipsch-la-scalas-fastrac-crites-xos-1900obo/ I have 3 La Scalas for sale near St. Louis, pickup only. All horns have been upgraded and will come with sale along with original K-400's. I do have the crossovers currently upgraded to Crites but they will not be included in the sale as i have another project in mind for them. However if you would like to have a listen we can arrange so you can see how the puppies sing with the new crossovers. I also have the original type AA crossovers that will hold their own as well and are no slouch. I had these setup for home theater LCR and they were amazing. Currently have 2 setup upstairs in stereo and 1 downstairs in a temporary center channel til i finish my project. The veneer is starting to peel on the bottoms but overall these are nice pieces and i get complements. The center channel is painted black as you can see in the photos. Good pieces install new veneer or paint. I'm currently doing a DIY project just because and am not getting rid of these for any other reason than me being bored. I'll post a link to the craigslist add as well. Looking to get $2400/obo, will consider trades for mono block/pre-amp combo. http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ele/5274176256.html Thank you for looking, Justin A.
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