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  1. i already have the parts i'm looking to utilize. The drive to VA is more of a "no go" for me anyway.
  2. i saw those earlier, no guarantee they'll play up to 400hz i need though. Plus they're in Virginia which is an extreme hike from MO. Good looking out!
  3. As the title says. Looking for empty cabinets for a new project. Hopefully within a reasonable drive from St. Louis. Need to be in good condition, ie. no water damage.
  4. I should not that pickup is prefered, i don't know how viable shipping this would be. Too risky if you ask me.
  5. ***edited*** I have a single K-402 in good shape. Will sell for what i paid, $541.20. Found a nice pair of K-510 horns w/ mumps at the right price so i'm no longer looking to trade. I would really like to not ship this, however if you set it all up through Uship.com i will be available for your transporter to pickup if that's the path you choose. Located St. Louis, MO.
  6. JustAuBy

    WTB K-402's

    I have a single 402 in good condition.
  7. Update on the Dahlquist DQM-9's: -caps were in fine condition along with fuses -exterior was pretty rough. I used a friend to help me apply a vinyl wrap that looks great and is durable. removing the weird type of paint on these didn't sound too appealing. -fixed the speaker stands with new wood and rivets, painted speaker stands to match the speaker vinyl -installed foam woofers and bought some hardware See photos below, @codewritinfoolis an awesome dude and I'm glad i reached out to him on this set. I'm gifting these to my brother who's in his early 20's and wants a nice set of monitors for his home. I think these will go great for many years.
  8. The birch is in good shape though? Veneer peel is the issue? Making sure theres no water damage. Can you send me a photo of the "problem areas"? Thanks.
  9. Can you elaborate on the 6/10 cabinet rating? Also, are the orignal horns, drivers and xo's available?
  10. I'll post up pics when they get placed in the office.
  11. I would consider a trade of some sort. Not looking to spend any cash until we get into the new house this spring.
  12. If anyone has a 2 - 3 Fastlane or K-510 horns for sale please PM me. Looking for 400-500hz horns. Thanks.
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