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  1. See below for perma tight pants. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EuzI__3ICHB-yPHYs9Yqs6-eUuTdGgqq
  2. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I use Dirac for everything except the subs. I then REW the subs separate and input EQ into the Inuke dsp software.
  3. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    To my knowledge the Analog Devices AD5791 is a 20 bit R2R ladder structure. http://www.analog.com/en/analog-dialogue/articles/20-bit-dac-and-accurate-precision-voltage-source.html
  4. Best DIY subwoofer?

    Or..... The Othorn https://drive.google.com/open?id=1EuzI__3ICHB-yPHYs9Yqs6-eUuTdGgqq https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=81
  5. Best DIY subwoofer?

    If you have access to a CNC machine, you can make the SKhorn i have attached in the link. I have the CAD file too somewhere. Do It! and make me one too while your at it. https://drive.google.com/open?id=11pAblNBq35gE_T1ikP69GKb1Q9y2ddjT https://data-bass.com/data?page=system&id=140
  6. Modding KPT-456 to KPT-942?

    I have an electro voice DC-One crossover/EQ for sale if you are interested. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649370551-electrovoice-dc-one-active-xo-and-softwarepc/
  7. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    Previously i used the hypex on a passive xo for the low and highs. They handle themselves very well and crystal clear. I like what the OTL's do to the mid range for 2ch music however. When i do my theater i will have the HF as Ncores, their dynamics are amazing and super silent. Zero background noise
  8. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I bought the S-30 Atma-spheres used, they are the Mk II model not the updated versions. Cost me $1400, which was comparable to some of the Transcendent Sound options. I went with the Atma-Spheres because I had balanced connections all the way through and didn't want to change. Probably didn't matter in the end but I'm a little OCD on weird stuff like that.
  9. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    The Marchand xo was really the key to what i wanted to do. I wanted the Schiit Yggy dac as it's an R2R and sounds amazing. Didn't want to use any active digital dsp downstream as it would render the nice DAC upstream useless. So EQ had to happen on the PC which i was fine with. It turned out to be a great setup. Finally found my final form lol. May upgrade the subs later but for now everything is great.
  10. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    If I had to but a descriptor on the Radians it would be "Effortless Liquidness". I run all digital media and my chain is structured to take advantage of this. I use Dirac on my pc with a few adjustments to the subs. Chain looks something like this: HF: Atma-Sphere S-30 OTL Amp -> Radian 760Be/K-402 (600hz - 20khz) / PC/Dirac -> Schiit Yggy -> Bride of Zen balanced pre -> Marchand XM44 Balanced XO's \ LF: Hypex Ncore NC400's -> KPT-904-LF (60hz-600hz) Subs below 60hz eq'd through the amplifier seperate from the pc/dirac
  11. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I suppose the Klipsch forum does not email me anymore when my posts are quoted. Sorry didn't know you had follow ups. I love my Radians and will not be replacing them with anything. They are mated to a K-402 horn and crossed at 600hz. I have owned the TAD 4002 which was mated to the Dave Harris Eliptrac horn. I didn't really like the TAD as it seemed dry and brittle to me. My uncle owns a pair of JBL 2441s aluminum diaphragms on a custom horn that I also like a lot but they fall off above 10-12k. The beryllium drivers will play down to 500hz if you want (don't use a lot of power tho) and also all the shimmery highs. The horn is very important though as 2" compression drivers tend to beam on the highs after a certain point. I fortunately don't have this issue. I am not an engineer and do not have sweeps to back up my listening impressions. Just a speaker freaker who has heard a lot of hardware to pick and chose what I liked best.
  12. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    I use the Radian 760BePB 2" compression driver on my 402s.
  13. DSP options for your Pro Klipsch Audio

    If you interested I have an Electro Voice DC-One for sale. 2 in / 6 out DSP crossover w/ software and computer. Would let it go for $500 to a forum member. http://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649370551-electrovoice-dc-one-active-xo-and-softwarepc/
  14. I have the Tidal app on my pc do the first unfold to 24/192. That's all i do, haven't heard an MQA file fully unfolded yet.
  15. Class D Crown vs. Hypex nCore

    Nord is doing some good things. I'm waiting on the Hypex Ncore plat amps to come out this year to make an active powered setup for my office/game room.