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  1. I did find a pair XO's, thank you.
  2. There's some photo's in his thread when he first got them and was setting everything up.
  3. No drivers needed, just looking for cabinets. I know one of you has a pair of dusty cob web cabs in the basement somewhere. Also interested in a set of ALK ES5800 xo's. Thanks.
  4. Yes that is correct, fully upgraded to the HDMI 2.0b board. i can try to de-register it or i can just give you the login information which would probably be easier No atmos on the XMC-1
  5. https://shop.gsgad.com/collections/horn-subwoofers
  6. I have an RP-600C available if you’re interested.
  7. If someone wants your amps and my XMC-1 combined we could ship them together to save the buyer shipping costs. Just a thought.
  8. Thank you for the friendly words @rockhound @codewritinfool was a pleasure making deals with you both.
  9. Would consider trades for tube amps and/or aftermarket crossovers (400-600hz xo)
  10. Selling my Emotiva XMC-1 and the complete Dirac Live suite. Comes with everything that was sent from manufacturer. I no longer have the box, but i have plenty of packaging materials and it will ship very protected. It's the latest revision of the XMC-1 w/ the 4k HDR/Dolby Vision HDMI board installed from factory. I'll give you my login information for Dirac Emotiva suite. Thanks. $850.00 Local Pickup (63104) $950.00 Shipped Paypal F&F prefered, or buyer picks up the paypal fee.
  11. i already have the parts i'm looking to utilize. The drive to VA is more of a "no go" for me anyway.
  12. i saw those earlier, no guarantee they'll play up to 400hz i need though. Plus they're in Virginia which is an extreme hike from MO. Good looking out!
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