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Found 4 results

  1. I would really like to find a good RB-990bx amp if at all possible. Let me know if you are willing to part with one.
  2. hi there Klipsch community Im looking at upgrading my speakers and looking for a nice pair of new floor standing. Im running a Rotel A-14 AMP. Will this amp pair well or am I overshooting the speakers on the specs of this amp? I guess im looking for a good pair of (ideally floor standing) speakers to match with the amp I have. Any advice would be much appreciated!
  3. Greetings - recently went through divorce and due to situation need to settle bills and downsize. I am keeping a couple of setups including my Chorus 2's - but a few items I need to part with - would do a package deal and would meet within reasonable distance within New England for forum members. 1. Klipsch Heresy (1) HBR - these have a medium stain I am 2nd owner, there are a couple of smaller chips in veneer which I've taken close ups of. All original drivers and I replaced the crossovers with complete new units from Bob Crites - they sound excellent. Asking $450 2. Rotel RX-1050 Receiver - 2nd owner on this as well - this is 100x2 clean power very solid and hefty unit - all functions as expected the only thing I've never tested or tried is the FM functionality as I don't have the right adapter to connect an antenna and I also rarely listen to radio. I have the original remote and manual no packing for it. Would consider shipping if someone willing to pay packaging cost + shipping cost. Asking $175 3. Rotel RCD-970BX - 2nd owner - this in great functional and cosmetic condition, well regarded and solid unit. THis had an issue with the tray opening/closing and it was sent to Rotel to have the gear wheel replaced which is a common issue on these. Asking $125 4. Project Carbon Debut DC - this is approx 1 year old in near mint condition. I recently replaced the original cartridge with an Ortofon 2M Silver that I purchased from a forum member (which was pulled from a Project TT with just a few hours and he upgraded to a bronze). Added the "Q-up" which is installed currently - have all packing materials, manuals, etc... Asking $325 (Local Sale Possibly pending) Any questions - just ask. I've taken a stab at asking prices based on what I saw with some searches - if I am way off show me and I'll be glad to discuss. Thanks, James
  4. So after completing a few extra jobs as well as off-loading some stuff, I find that I have a little extra cash to upgrade some components of my systems. I normally listen to my turntable but thought it time to get a proper CD player (as I'm just using a JVC DVD player that I picked up at a thrift store). Now, I want to add that I am usually pretty skeptical of CD player upgrades because I don't really know what I'm getting into. For me, the difference between a nice turntable with a great cartridge against a junk table has been night and day. I don't know if I've heard a CD player that has provided me the same difference. That being said, I'd like to lean on some of you here that probably have more experience in the CD player department. While I don't know much, I know that part of what you're paying for when you're buying a CD player is the DAC, and that some players are known to have much better DACs than others. This is where I could use some help because I know absolutely nothing about that stuff. BRASS TAX: So, I'd like to buy a used CD player below $300. That's not a lot, but I got other things in mind for the money too. Questions: What are some nice brands and models I should be looking into for that kind of money? I've heard Rotel and Adcom are good. I know Marantz to have made great vintage receivers, but that's about it. What should I be looking for? Am I hopeless if i don't have an external DAC? My current power sources are a Marantz 2230 and Sansui AU-717.
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