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  1. I have a kg2.2v center channel speaker available.
  2. Great.... any idea what shipping would be to 67212?
  3. Is that the remote that came with the unit?
  4. I may be interested once I see the pictures.
  5. nmorris43


    How far east of Denver? I am in Wichita and am interested in the speaker.
  6. Thanks guys. Thats what I thought I was reading, just wanted verification. Have a great day...
  7. Can anyone verify if the horn drivers on the CF3's and CF4's are the same or different for me please?
  8. I am in the midst of building out my theater. I will be running CF4's as my L/R and the KG2.2V for my center( until I can find an Academy or a KV-4 to replace it). I am considering bi-amping my CF4's with a couple of power amps I have. I love the sound that the CF4's provide. I will be posting pics of the build out as it comes together.
  9. Hey good timing.... I run my CF4's for my main LR. I have two decent amps (Rotel RB-990bx and Crown XLS602) and I was considering bi-amping them with these 2 amps. Which amp should I use for the lows and which one for the highs?
  10. Thanks.... I will be needing new cables for this and this sounds like a good option.
  11. All I have is RCA pre-outs on my pre -amp.
  12. How do you determine if the pre-amp is balanced or not?
  13. I have a question...... I am buying an amp that takes balanced XLR inputs. Is there anything different i need to do other than a different cable from my pre-outs to supply this amp with signal?
  14. I would really like to find a good RB-990bx amp if at all possible. Let me know if you are willing to part with one.
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