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  1. I would really like to find a good RB-990bx amp if at all possible. Let me know if you are willing to part with one.
  2. Bought my pair of CF4's for $800 but they did need some work. A pair in excellent shape would be closer to $1200, especially version 1's.
  3. On one of the CF4's the back was rattling when hit with heavy bass. I did not remove the backs, but i did pry them apart wide enough to get some clear gorilla glue down in the joint and then clamp it while the glue hardened. Also, I ran a fillet of Gorilla glue around the inside of each side with the back to help solidify things.
  4. Project CF4s are complete for now. Amazing sound. Very pleased with the outcome. Now to create the space to show them off.
  5. Update on the CF4 upgrading. Been real busy the past week or so, finally got back to the CF4's. Got the cross brace added for the DH-1506 drivers for the tweeters. Also got the cabinets sanded down and stained. I will be starting the finish on them tonight.
  6. Here is today's CF4 project update. I got the new cross bracing for the DH1506 drivers. They weigh 11 pounds each. 1 x4 poplar glued and screwed plus 1/4 hard rubber for rhem to rest on. Also, started removing the old lacquer finish.
  7. Yes I removed the vinyl first. I looks like the vinyl did in a much more permanent coating.
  8. LMAO..... don't worry, that won't ever happen. Just trying to make them look as original as possible. I felt the flat black enamel was the best choice to accomplish that. Still debating how to handle the exterior of the cabinets. They are currently light oak lacquer.
  9. After evaluating all reasonable options, I have decided to paint the fronts of my CF4's with a flat black enamel. I will keep everyone update on the progress.
  10. I have tried 1/4" - 20 thread and they seemed too big.
  11. Can anyone tell me what type of thread is needed for the feet of CF4's? Mine came with no feet, just the inserts to thread feet or spikes into. Thanks in advance.
  12. Yes... i have been through the Epic Owners thread. Very good ideas there. I plan on posting my mods there as I go. I just got a pair of DH1506 drivers. Man they are heavy. Thanks again. nmorris43
  13. Altec210..... thank you so much for checking them out and offering them. If i hadn't found a pair within 30 mins of me, i would gladly purchase those from you. I got the pair locally and checked them and they are reading 5.0 on my multi meter, so I think I am good to go. Man those things are heavy!! Have a great day and rock on !! nmorris43
  14. Thanks wvu80.... did you make any changes to your crossover for use of the DH1506 drivers? I am having Crite rebuild my crossovers and wondering if any tweaks need to happen.
  15. Let me know what you need for them and if they are functioning.
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