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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I have a current setup of Marantz 5010 with Klipsch R-28F and RS-52 II. I am looking for which center I should buy for my setup. It's being used mostly for watching movies, but of course music from time to time as well. After some reading I was first thinking of going for the RC-62 II, but I am also considering RC-64 II. Which one will go best together with my setup while also thinking about the price? Should I consider any other center? Will the Marantz 5010 have any problems if I go for the RC-64 II with my setup?
  2. Hello all. This is my first time posting because usually I am able to somewhat solve whatever home theater issue I have. However, this one I cannot. Thank you in advance for your guidance and help. I am currently in the process of rebuilding my home theater 7.2 arsenal with; RF-7II's (Front L and R) RC-64II R-12SW (2x) and RB-61II's (Suround back) Where are my surround sides? Currently next to impossible to find. I would love a pair of RS-52II's and even more so RS-62II's. I do have a pair for RS-42II's but for my own exsentric reasons, I want to go a little bigger. In you opinion, if I am unable to obtain a new to near new condition pair of either 42's or 62's how would one feel about mixing in a pair of the new Reference Premier RP-250's as my surround (sides) seeing as all the other speakers are part of the reference II series? Is this ridiculously taboo and frowned upon? I know mixing fronts with centers is no good, which makes sense. Please help! Thanks.
  3. Hey everyone. First time poster. I was hoping for some help in regards to speaker placement and I am still deciding on what extra back surrounds + atmos (in ceiling x4) to get. I currently have: KLIPSCH X2 Rf-82ii RC62ii 2x rs52ii sw112 ONKYO Tx sr 707 (7.2). My partner and I have just purchased a house (moving in,doc in 2 weeks) so I am going to move the current setup excluding the surrounds into the rumpus room and order in the rf7ii and rc64ii (In cherry)Keep the Rs 52iis and maybe order a second set for the back surround? And I was thinking of ordering 4xcdt5800-c ii in ceiling speakers + the onkyo txsr3030 (11.2/7.2.4). Cost wise I can only afford the LCR right now and will want to upgrade to the new amp/ceiling speakers/ back surrounds in a month or so. Then move onto a better sub and then the 4K tv upgrade at Christmas time. So any money I can save without lose of quality would be awesome Does any one here run the rs52ii's with the Rf 7ii fronts? Should I be looking at the rs62ii's instead? Has any one also had an experience with the Klipsch CDT5800ii's for use with atmos? Should I get the model down? The issue I'm wondering is the room these are all going in has a large glass window where the LCR will be placed. Not sure how this is going to sound until I test it. I will attach photos for opinions. Any assistance in speaker layout or different speakers to purchase are most welcome. Thanks heaps.
  4. Hey, Still deciding what atmos speakers I should get. I can definitely go in ceiling which is a plus. Does anyone have any experience with any in ceiling speakers. I'm thinking about getting th CDT-5800c-ii I will have the front half of the system as Rf-7ii and rc-64ii. Surrounds as Rs-52ii rear surround and Rs-62ii as side surrounds. Planning for a 7.2.4 setup Cheers
  5. Looking to make the jump from 5.1 to 7.1 and think these would be the perfect addition to my home theater. Located in Indianapolis, IN.
  6. Hi all- First post here. I've got a pair of klf 30s and matching c 7 that I purchased new. Running them with a Denon 2803 and Paradyme PW 2200 sub in a music room roughly 14'W x 18'D. We recently purchased a projector so the family could use the music room as a movie room. I'm looking for surrounds from what klipsch currently offers hoping there's something that will do the job, pair nicely, and not break the bank. Would a pair of RS-42IIs or RS-52IIs be a good choice? I am starting to see some deals on them. Also, would it make sense to add a third speaker of either of these for a surround back? I do not have room for more than a single in the back. Thoughts?
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