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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Klipsch community, I recently purchased RSB-14 sound bar, with 2 RW-1 Wireless speakers. To set up a surround system with the bar and the RW-1 speakers, you need in first place to work on some FW updates (http://assets.klipsch.com/files/Stream-Surround-Update-TechBulletin-v06.pdf) For the RSB-14, no issue at all, you can download the binary file and use the USB interface on the bar. Worked like a charm. However, for the RW-1 speaker you have to download the “Klipsch RW-1 Utility Stream" Update app for android or apple. And follow the steps... here start the issues. => The update application never find my speakers, and it stuck on the screen "Searching for device", this may take few minutes ;-D .. I let the app running for 1 hour, still did not find my speakers.. I followed every steps very carefully: wifi set up & speaker in update mode. I've also double checked my network config: - Both speakers are seen by my network ( I can access it with their IP address on a web browser). - I've tried DHCP IP address and then put a static IP address.. same issue - I've tried with the speaker wired on my network: same - I've tried a factory reset on the speaker and start the process again. same issue For info, the speaker in stand alone works fine on my network with the klipsch play-fi application.. I also tried to put both of it on stereo mode, and it worked great.. so my router and network set up seems to work OK.. If anyone already experienced the same issue and found how to resolve it, many thanks for sharing ! Cheers,
  2. Ok lets start with the first thing. I am looking at apps that allows me to sync my music to my phone. So I can pull up Artist, Genres, playlist, etc. Hit play and go. I have been trying Amazon, but it seems if they don't sell the music at their store it won't down load that to my phone. I don't want to have to use data or wifi. I just want to store them to my phone. So I was looking at these 5 do to the recommendations( or the fact I Goggled the best music player for Android). I all ready have some sort of Google music on my phone but it only seems to have the music that was in my Amazon cloud downloaded. Another thing I noticed is if I have purchased music form Amazon, its kind of like Itunes it won' t let me make a copy of it to another program. Now I have Plex, but I haven't paid for the premium, so if paying for it will take care of my needs then that might be an option(especially if I have to pay for the app). Here are the 5, Double Twist https://www.doubletwist.com/ Power amp, this looks like a good one, but you have to pay for it. Which again may be something I could accomplish with Plex. http://powerampapp.com/ Google play music., Shuttle Music Player http://playboard.me/android/apps/another.music.player Equalizer+ http://equalizerpl.us/ Now I don't need anything to work with my Itunes from my computer, actually I have a couple of folders that are Itunes songs. Which brings me to my next question. I have a 500 gb external hard drive that I have movies, and would like to move my pictures and music over. Now if I do this could I delete all the pictures and music off of my internal hard drive, and if I do will I still be able to use WMP on my computer. I guess one thing I want to accomplish is get rid of unnecessary apps on my phone, and unnecessary copies of music off of my computer. Get all media to one spot so when I get a real media server together I can just transfer everything to it. Plus when I want to load music to my phone I just want to be able to connect it to my computer and drag copies of the music to my phone for the music app to access. Then I can just play music, this sounds simplest to me, unless someone has a simpler way. Let me know. One more quick thing, if I delete those Itunes folders will it delete all the songs on my Itunes. Thanks.
  3. If there is a reason for that its probably simply that I didn't have much to write. Whatever changes have happened to my audio system over the years have not been in the interest of better sonics but rather aesthetics. As a result I now run a rather simple system, although still vinyl based largely. Sadly, due mainly to lifestyle I don't get to listen to it all that often. My main music listening has been limited to my phone. Again, about 2 years ago I picked up an HTC Sensation XE with the Beats Audio profile and after junking the included Beats headphones settled on a cheap pair of AKG 311 earphones along with a pair of Senheisser HD 202's for home listening. That was very much that - it sounded OK, probably very good for a phone, but nothing to write home about. Now, I do have something to write about, so here I am again: Last month, whilst in the UK, I started to investigate other alternatives and eventually settled on a pair of Sennheiser "On-the-ear" Momentums which appeared to be an easier load on the limited capabilities of the phone than the larger original Momentums and actually, to my ears, sounded better. (Note: I can't wear the in-the-ear type earphones. They just don't stay in for me which is why I didn't try the Klipsch S4 units). Realizing that the phones were now much better than the source I started to look at what has happened in portable audio over the last few years to see if there was anything better than the Beats audio profile. I have tested the headphones on a slew of moble phones and frankly - nothing better, in fact, excepting the newer HTC models, nothing as good. It was then that I found, entirely by accident an app in the play-store called "Neutron" which claimed to be an audiophile's music player. I downloaded the free version and started to play about with it. There are more settings in this software than you can shake a stick at. I've left the majority of them well enough alone but have selected a few options (like 64 bit processing) that were recommended. To make a long story short - wow!!! The software will play every format I own, including 192/24 recordings. These are downsampled, obviously but that is a limitation of the phone and not the software. My next phone (Samsung Galaxy Note 3) has apparently got a 192/24 chip so that will be interesting. In the meantime anything FLAC or WMA lossless, even at a lowly 44.1/16 plays well. Some recordings, like my Dire Straits Private Investigations track, play so well its in uncanny. As a source for the main stereo its better than anything bar the vinyl (and that's a lot closer than I like to admit). Strongly advise anyone with a reasonably powerful mobile phone (say 1GHz dual core) to download it and give it a try. The nice thing is that it seems to bypass the built in settings almost completely. Even my Nexus 7 sounds good with it- and that has dreadful sound out of the box. In the meantime Tony, my best friend has gone the same route. Same phones, same software on this Samsung Galaxy S3. I haven't heard it on his yet but he reported that with a portably external amp it sounded "better than many $50K system's he's heard." Take that with a pinch of salt - Tony is prone to exaggeration. Just thought I'd share.
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