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Found 5 results

  1. All I bought a pair of R-51PM speakers to use with my computer. The computer basically is my stereo. I play mp3's and CD's and watch livestream concerts. I am pretty advanced in the PC world due to my work, but not an expert at PC sound. I can connect the R-51PM's as follows: 1) Directly into the USB of my PC 2) Into the "stereo out" jack of my $40 gaming sound card (three-connector mini jack) 3) using the "digital out" (optical) jack of that same sound card I have tried 1 and 3 and I don't think I can hear a difference. I think that option 1 bypasses all sound cards and I think option 3 may bypass the soundcard as well. I am not sure here because the gaming sound card has analog out for stereo front, stereo back, center front/subwoofer. So the optical digital output may be some mishmash of those. I'm happy with the sound regardless but I would like to understand what actually is happening. Oh yeah, I could use Bluetooth, but I see no reason to do that. Thanks
  2. I have never given cabling much attention other than making sure they were 99.99% pure copper, maybe with gold plated rca jacks. Well, I ran across an ad for a pair of used interconnects made by a company called Analysis Plus. I knew that this company was located in Flushing,MI, maybe 20 miles from my home, so I thought I'd give them a try out of curiosities sake. I installed them on my CD player first, not expecting to hear any difference. I did an A-B comparison between the cables I had been using and the new ones. The difference was not subtle! It was as if I was hearing two different mixes of the same song. I heard harmonies I've never heard before, along with other details that were previously hidden. So next I tried the cables on my turntable. Once again, more detail everywhere. I am not here to promote any certain manufacturer, but rather to detail my experiences with this upgrade. I haven't tried other name brand cables, but I am now curious on how much of a difference I would hear. I was so impressed with the results that I ordered two more sets of interconnects, with the plans of replacing all my wiring eventually. Has anyone else had this type of revelation?
  3. Hello! I've recently purchased the 'Klipsch The One' and now I'm trying to figure out how to connect it to an old 70s receiver (pioneer sx750). Since speakers can just be connected to my receiver with stripped cables, and "The One' has just a mini-jack port, I'm wondering how would be the best way to plug it. Please see attachment. Hope you can help me out! Thanks!
  4. If you have any experience - good or bad - with Pangea Audio products, let's hear about it. I found a few threads on here that mention Pangea (mostly their AC power cables) but, if a glance at Audio Advisor's catalog/web site is any indication, Pangea Audio is now making everything from speaker stands to equipment racks, from power cables to interconnects. Two hallmarks seem to define the brand: a) beefy, over-engineered stuff that looks like it's the "real deal"; and unbelievably low "Budget King" pricing (likely due to off-shore production and low overhead). I, and I suspect a few of you out there, are intrigued enough to sample some of Pangea's product line. If you're a Pangea owner (for better or worse), use this thread to either talk us out of it or to give us that little shove we need to pull the trigger on a $50 power cable or a $200 equipment rack.
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