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Found 6 results

  1. I recently downsized and am considering selling my Chorus II pair. I'm the second owner. I'm willing to sit on them, but current house doesn't allow me to actually enjoy them. I'm pretty sure they were finished in '96. I'm the second owner since '03. They have run off either a McIntosh solid state or tube amp, depending on what I was listening to. The cases are in great shape. The screens could use a good clean. I opened them up a few years ago and cleaned everything out and looked for connection issues and dry rot. All good. If you're unfamiliar with this speaker, they're really quite versatile. They can through a wall of sound of that's your thing, but can also stage a depth of sound for more intricate music. I will say, their peak performance depends on optimal placement within the corners of the room. So, audiophiles...suggestions on market price? Or should I just sit on them for a few years?
  2. Greetings!!! I recently acquired a pair of black klipsch speakers (Chorus), I stripped the paint off, I'm on the sanding and fixing some details. I already know which paint to use ( Vaspar #40 sheen semi-gloss), thanks to previous post here, my question here is, Should I use a standard spray gun (with an air air compressor), paint sprayer (Wagner type) or a high quality foam roller? I don't want to cover the wood grain when painting it, I am trying to give it that original black look showing wood grain. My only concern with a spray gun (air compressor) is the over spray... Any advice or experience will be appreciated! Have a great weekend! Edwin
  3. Hi everyone! I’ve been lurking for a bit and reading a lot around the forum. I’m looking to jump in with a WTB for Cornwall 1 or 2 or Chorus 2. I’m in the Washington, DC suburbs (MD) and work in Baltimore, so I am looking around these two areas. I’m aware of the one CW1 listed here already, but that is in flux. I’m also interested in @Laurie Cornwalls if/when she’s ready to sell. I figured it was reasonable to post a WTB just in case someone in the area is thinking about selling. Thanks for looking
  4. Craigslist link https://tippecanoe.craigslist.org/ele/d/frankfort-klipsch-chorus-ii-speakers/7298088443.html I am located in Frankfort, IN 46041 I have a pair of Chorus II speakers for sale. One is missing the woofer. All other speakers are intact and everything is original. (*SPEAKERS SOLD*) I also have a pair of Adcom GFA-565 mono amps, an Adcom GFP-565 preamp, and an Adcom GCD-575 cd player. I know the amps will need repaired. The research I've done showed that these amps had problems with capacitors leaking and causing failures and burning up speakes. This is likely why the one woofer is missing. I did try these amps and I just get static/hissing sound. The distortion light is always on too. If that helps anybody. The preamp does work as far as I can remember but it is "staticy" when the volume is adjusted. I haven't tried the CD player for years and don't know if it works or not. There is a guy that repairs the amps at https://www.ebcelectronics.com/Adcom-GFA-565-Repair-Service.html My dad got everything around 1991 I believe. I always wanted to replace the woofer and repair the other equipment. I just don't have the space or money for them right now and have had them sotting around for years. It's just time to let them go. Pictures I have are over 2MB. So, see pictures in above Craigslist post. ***UPDATE 3/28*** I DID SELL THE SPEAKERS 3/30 All sold
  5. Just recently purchased 2 pairs of heresy and a pair of Chorus 1 and thinking I’m gonna sell the Hersey’s and get a a pair of Chorus 2. If you’ve got a pair for sale let me know. I’m in South Carolina thanks
  6. $500 budget on the receiver i need a turntable too, entry level i havent been in the market in years. got a pair of Chorus II’s is H/K a safe bet all around for receivers?
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