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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all. Need some help identifying and sorting out some drivers for rebuild planning purposes. I was graciously gifted these Speakerlab Khorns by @rigma and @MZKITTY a while back, and they are in need of a rebuild. Before I start getting into woodworking with a carpenter friend of mine, I want to make sure I have all my speaker / crossover ducks in a row. Some various parts were stripped from these kit speakers over the years, so here's what I have and what I'm trying to identify. Ideally, I'd like to have a complete set of what I would need to build a 70's era Klipschorn, sound-wise. I have 1 x tweeter. In the pic below it seems to be a knockoff (possibly EV) of a K-77-M. Don't know if it works or not. I have 2 x midrange horns, cast aluminum H-350 Speakerlab brand. I hear they're good quality. I have 2 x midrange horn drivers. They appear to be Speakerlab HD350A's (?) which are equivalent or rebranded EV 1823Ms I believe. Don't know if they work or not. I have 1 x 15" woofer, sealed up in one of the bass bins. I haven't opened it yet, but I suspect it may be a Speakerlab K-33 style speaker, either a W1504S 4-ohm or a W1508S 8-ohm. Not sure if it works, so I may be looking to just get a used pair of K-33 replacements or Crites equivalent CW1526. I don't have any crossovers at all, but I hear the Speakerlab crossovers were the weakest link in these clones, so I'll probably be looking for a used pair of Type A (maybe?) or something. Is there a way to test the tweeter and midrange drivers without a crossover or will I damage them? I'll take all the advice I can get. My plan is to enclose the bass bins sort of Jubilee style and leave them open top (no midrange or tweeter enclosure) and build a small frame to hold the midrange and tweeter. Please see the attached collage for some pics. I'd upload more, but it seems to be limited for now, at least for me at my level. Thanks in advance! Daniel Harrington Murfreesboro, TN
  2. oops. Ive reported for removal. Thank you ive reported it for removal. Apologies for incorrect location No worries. I just pointed it out because you'll get a lot more responses if it's posted in an appropriate section. i appreciate it, as i dont get out much. Was on my phone...and just saw historical section and thought well, these may be old enough.. but i diddnt read the fine print. An, right you are!
  3. so a few months ago i was randomly looking a the FB marketplace in my area and these klipschorn bass bins came up for sale. no tops included, just the bass bins. they are oiled oak from 1992. they are in pretty good condition with some light staining at the bottom. i believe they might have had short term contact with water but it is not swollen, the veneer has not loosened, and the structure of the box itself is in really good shape. so the plan with the bass bin is to refinish the fronts, (sand, stain, seal.) the grill covers on the sides are in perfect condition with no rips or tears. the front oak veneer (aside from the light staining) has 1 chip. so the plan for these is to construct to top boxes and mimic the look of the 60th anniversary khorns with the blacked out top section, and just the front oak panel on the sub cabinet being a stained finish. beyond that i've been keeping my eye out for a set of k-400/401's. i have some push terminal k55v's, a set of k77m's. i will also need a crossover network. i also own a set of 78 la scalas with soldered lug k55v's, crites a/4500 networks, and ct125 tweets. so there is some information that i need to get: does anyone have measurements for the wood top box of the khorn? (i don't care if its collared or not.) does anyone know if you can still purchase the resin k401's directly from klipsch? should i match my la scalas and run with crites parts (i'm happy with my current crites parts.) or try something else? i've looked at the volti audio vtracs but its a budget issue at this time. thoughts, opinions, input? thanks. ps: you wouldn't believe the deal i got on the khorn bass bins.
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