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  1. any recommendations on a mid-range/tweeter configuration? and please don't say k402. that's 2250.00 bucks for the horns, drivers, and stands. lol.
  2. like an open design? maybe with a small stand to hold the midrange horn and tweeter?
  3. actually, i have not. but they have been in my front room for about 3 months now and i don't smell mold or anything. i'm pretty confident they are just fine.
  4. so a few months ago i was randomly looking a the FB marketplace in my area and these klipschorn bass bins came up for sale. no tops included, just the bass bins. they are oiled oak from 1992. they are in pretty good condition with some light staining at the bottom. i believe they might have had short term contact with water but it is not swollen, the veneer has not loosened, and the structure of the box itself is in really good shape. so the plan with the bass bin is to refinish the fronts, (sand, stain, seal.) the grill covers on the sides are in perfect condition with no rips or tears. the front oak veneer (aside from the light staining) has 1 chip. so the plan for these is to construct to top boxes and mimic the look of the 60th anniversary khorns with the blacked out top section, and just the front oak panel on the sub cabinet being a stained finish. beyond that i've been keeping my eye out for a set of k-400/401's. i have some push terminal k55v's, a set of k77m's. i will also need a crossover network. i also own a set of 78 la scalas with soldered lug k55v's, crites a/4500 networks, and ct125 tweets. so there is some information that i need to get: does anyone have measurements for the wood top box of the khorn? (i don't care if its collared or not.) does anyone know if you can still purchase the resin k401's directly from klipsch? should i match my la scalas and run with crites parts (i'm happy with my current crites parts.) or try something else? i've looked at the volti audio vtracs but its a budget issue at this time. thoughts, opinions, input? thanks. ps: you wouldn't believe the deal i got on the khorn bass bins.
  5. what is the condition? this is for the pair?
  6. yes, i'm looking to make that transition. once i find the right set of klipschs, if i like them enough i will probably just sell off my vegas.
  7. a beard's effect on room acoustics, hmmmm--where is doctor who when we need him? []
  8. i've noticed the basses effect on my mind has been dampened a little while playing at high volumes. sans beard < beard. thanks.
  9. that picture was taken about 6 or 7 months ago. my beard is atleast 3 or 4 inches longer than that by now. haha. but thanks, as always!
  10. they said i would experience craziness on these forums! thanks for the welcome, dave. and as far as my setup goes, it's pretty easy. i hit the power button on my receiver, i pick my audio pleasure, then i turn it up. it's a pretty simple process, really. but typically i don't like to stand while i'm listening to music, as my legs get tired. i often like to sit, and on rare occasions, i like to lay down and listen. thanks for your inquiry though!
  11. only your ear can tell you if it's right or not.
  12. i would be willing to throw 1,500 at a pair of k-horns if they became available. haha. then i would have to find a place big enough to use them! i've considered selling my vega setup (i own the entire AT series, which i'm sure guys have heard of.) i think i would be hard pressed to find someone willing to hand me the amount of money i would want for them. minus the at-12 i'm using as a center channel, all my speakers are mint. i took great care when i built that collection (all purchased over craigslist in various parts of michigan) to make sure all the sets were as near perfect as humanly possible. my goal with a set of la scalas is to use it in combination with my 120 inch da-lite portable projector screen, and a infocus in24+ for outside movies (like the drive in.) i feel like the la scalaswould add an outdoor punch and presence that other speakers would be unable to deliver. clear starry night + blankets on grass with friends + big screen movies + la scalas + BEER = pretty good time. anyone ever attempted outdoor projection?
  13. i'll bring you guys donuts, that's after i have my 8'' sub beat them to death before i come! (haha.) sorry for the confusion, i guess i should have realized famous female singers. this is an audio forum and all. thanks for all the welcomes.
  14. thanks ironsave! i've used some klipsch products in the past, and a friend of mine used to own a pair of la scala's. so i've experienced the goodness. i won't be shaving this beard for a long time. i get a lot of compliments about it, lol. or terrorist accusations. either way, it's still funny. as soon as i get some new goodies i'll be posting away.d here is another small collection i have:
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