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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone, For those who are interested, I am unfortunately parting ways with my Dad's speakers because of their size I cannot move them with me into my new condo. Starting with the first pair which are the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from the original owner in 1984 and were made in 1977 based on the serial numbers. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of Klipschorns as well. The only replacement parts on the Klipschorns are a pair of Bob Crites Crossover's which I installed them back in 2016 other than that they are in original condition and in excellent working order. The second pair which are the La Scala's my dad purchased back in the early 2000's again same as the Klipschorns my dad purchased them from their original owners. Both pairs of La Scala's are in original condition and in excellent working order. The Serial Number stickers are on both pairs of La Scala's as well. I will list the info, serial numbers etc below as well as contact info for those who are interested. I am asking $5,000 for the Khorn pair & $5,000 for the LaScala pair or best offer. I currently live in CT, but for anyone interested in the tri-state area or on the east coast this is your chance. If anyone outside of the northeast area is interested, I will work with you regarding shipping. I know these loud speakers aren't for sale that often, and both pair's would be an excellent edition to your home theater setup so that you can enjoy them as much as my dad and our family have enjoyed them over the years. Thanks, Jeff P.S. Feel free to contact me via email for more info, or pictures at durkinj56@gmail.com Klipschorn: Type: KBWO Serial: 10R518, 10R519 La Scala: Type: LS-BL Serial: 8511790, 8511791
  2. Lets face it: prices on heritage Klipsch speakers have gotten out of hand. I have 2 pairs that could sell for triple what I paid but I didn't buy them to make money so I will continue to enjoy them and maybe improve them instead of moving up the food chain because I cannot afford to. Its a free market so whatever someone is willing to pay dictates value.
  3. Hello everybody I am new to this forum and please forgive me if I get to the point with the first post straight away. I have tried to find the correct place to ask the following questions and I hope I am not entirely wrong. I own a Hi-Fi system that consists of the following parts: - Two loudspeakers: Klipsch Klipschorn AK-3, made 1985 - Record player: Micro Seiki 1500, made between 1981 and 84 - Tonearm: SME 3012-RG Limited Edition, 24 carat gold, made between 1981 and 84 (without box) --- Cartridge: Ortofon Super OM 10 (old) - 2nd tonearm: Dynavector DV 507 --- Cartridge: Van Den Hull DDT - Amplifier: Denon PMA 725R - Speaker cable: Original Monster Cable (high resolution speaker cable with Durallex insulation) - CD player: Denon UCD-F10 Now I want to sell the whole thing (doesn't have to get out as a set). The reasons, well, on the one hand are of a very private nature (it has to do with a death in my family and corresponding emotions), on the other hand I have had a tinnitus since a sudden hearing loss, which clouds the hearing experience. And for these reasons it would be nice if someone owns the system and enjoys it more than I can. I'm stuck at the point at which I want to define the prices. I can only find vague information. I don't have a clue, especially with the speakers. (The SME tonearm probably moves around 5K in Euros or 6K in USD , the Dynavector tonearm around 3K in Euros or 3.5K in USD, the Micro Seiki turntable apparently at 5K in Euros or 6K in USD.) Maybe one of you may help me with her / his expertise? What can I demand for the two AK-3? (Am I still in line with the prices for the other devices?) Did I fail to see something? I am extremely grateful for any help. I'm from Switzerland, Europe, btw. Best regards.
  4. UPDATE: These speakers are under deposit. If/When sale is complete, I will mark them "sold." I have just listed my Klipschorns on U.S. Audio Mart: https://www.usaudiomart.com/details/649648153-1976-klipsch-klipschorn-speakers-consecutive-serial-s-brand-new-type-aa-crossovers-tweeters-and-squa/ -- see that listing for details and pictures. In that listing, I offer to replace, as needed, any tweeter and/or squawker driver(s) that may be worn out (though all the drivers sound to me like they're working fine). But instead of this modest guarantee (worth no more than $210 to replace with same from CritesSpeakers.com), as a gesture of my appreciation to the members of this forum, I am instead offering a 15% discount off the top of the asking price of $2,875: that works out to $2,443.75 for Klipschorn speakers (must have already been a member of this forum as of this past Thursday, 8/20/2020). Pick up only. I live in Easthampton, Massachusetts. PM me if interested.
  5. No affiliation. https://pittsburgh.craigslist.org/ele/d/pittsburgh-klipschorn-speakers-2-pairs/7081823291.html
  6. Hi all, I'm new to this forum. I'm looking for a pair of used Klipschorns, which are willing to be shipped over to the UK. Any help will be much appreciated. Many thanks
  7. Hi, I have a pair of vintage klipschorn speakers. They around 25 years old. Last night one of the woofers stopped working. It wasn't a fuse or my amp. I took apart the enclosure. I connected the leads of the speakers directly to the woofer and i heard the faint sound of music but nothing from the woofer although the crossover was still connected because it was soldered to the terminals. Then I connected the speaker wires directly to another speaker and there was sound. I was told that rarely do the crossovers go on these and if this test produced no sound then the woofer needs to be replaced. Can anyone verify this and help me out? I love these speakers and owned them from brand new. They are the oiled oak models and they don't sell these anymore. Thanks
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