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Found 9 results

  1. Stumbled across a good Facebook deal yesterday, didn’t realize how good until I got home and looked up the model numbers. 4 aw-650’s for 70$ all in working and great condition. Only think is I kind of gotten ahead of myself and have no source/power for them.. I was hoping to wire in parallel but the manual says that’s a no go. So what amp/receiver do I need to power them? Budget friendly options are really all I’m able to afford at the moment. It’s for the backyard so I’m not too worried about fidelity, just want to have loud music when required. I’m not a complete audio amateur but wattage/ohms/all that shit still breaks my brain sometimes lol any and all advice would be infinitely appreciated. And my apologies if i don’t reply frequently as I am a paramedic and my schedule is chaotic to say the least. Thanks!
  2. Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a ca-800tsw to improve my outdoor set up. Looking at the instructions, it says to hook the AVR up to the sub and then daisy chain it from one speaker to the next. Unfortunately, this pic is assuming that I have a set of ca-650s, which I do not. I have aw-650s which have a different set up on the back. How would I set these up? Would I still daisy chain it? Should I power the sub through a separate amp (which I have) and hook that up to the my AVR. If so, what steps would I take to do that? My amp is an old Audiosource Amp 100. If I had the option of doing both, which one would sound better. This setup is primarily for music and podcasts, but I also put on outdoor movies during the summer for my kids and neighbors. Thanks in advance, Doug
  3. Hey guys i want to get a few subs which would be mainly used outdoor for bass music. I really like the price and punch of the othorn with a 21SW152-4 driver but i was wondering if anyone had any other recommendations. Cheers
  4. Hi all, I need to get an amp for my subwoofer and I found a used QSC GX5 on craigslist. Is this a good choice? Does anyone have any experience with this brand? https://www.qsc.com/live-sound/products/power-amplifiers/gx-series/gx5/ Thanks in advance, Doug
  5. I just moved into a home that has several Klipsch speakers installed around the patio. They are not hooked to any amp or other device--the wires run into the kitchen and terminate under the sink. I'd like to hook them into something, and do it as cheaply as possible (for now). Any recommendations or suggestions?
  6. dks


    Good morning, I am replacing a set of aw-650s because the tweeters blew due to too an underpowered avr. Anyhow, with a more powerful avr, I decided to add a subwoofer (ca-800-tsw). I have read that some people hook it up to a separate amp vs just the avr. Would this be better to do instead of the normal way? Advantages vs disadvantages? Thanks in advance.
  7. Need some advice on how to setup outdoor speakers 2x AW-650 2x AW-400 CA-800TSW (150w 6ohm) Sony STR-DN840 (7x150w @ 6ohm) Only have the 650s hooked up right now and they sound great. Should I get a simple 2x100w amplifier to power the passive sub? Noob to home speakers so any advice or a simple typed out diagram should help.
  8. I want to purchase a pair of the outdoor speakers and cant find anywhere how they are powered. Do they take batteries? Do I have to hardwire them? Do they plug into an outside outlet. Im sure this is a silly question but I honestly can't find anywhere on the site how they are powered.
  9. I'm looking at having some outdoor speakers that will go on my covered patio in the back yard. Currently I'm looking at three Klipsch options: CP-6 outdoor speaker, R-1800-C in ceiling speaker, and the CDT-3650-C II in ceiling speaker. So first off, I've never been a huge in ceiling speaker person since I don't really care for the sound coming down from the sky but I guess for outdoor speakers they are generally mounted up high anyway. Plus, it is just the outdoor patio which isn't my main listening anyway. I was first looking at the CP-6 and they sound really good. However, thinking more about aesthetics and a cleaner look for the patio I have been leaning towards going with the in ceiling. As far as sound goes, I didn't hear much difference between these two in ceiling speakers (1800-C and 3650-C)...I know that one is 8" versus 6.5" but for roughly $100 per speaker more, what do you think about the 3650-C? One other thing I was wondering about was the ability to tilt the woofer with the 3650-C, which perhaps might help in "aiming" the sound better. The salesperson I talked to didn't think it would matter much. What do you think? As for my use of these speakers, I don't plan on having big parties and blowing out the neighborhood. I save my rocking for the inside with my towers So they don't really need to play loud. But I do like a balanced sound. I'd appreciate any comments, thoughts, opinions on comparing all three of these...
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