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  1. I am a aspiring armature home theater designer builder and this is the second home theater I've built for myself in the last 5 years. My first was located in Murphy, TX for a little more than three years until I moved to My current residence located in Heath TX on Dwyer CT. I've lived here for nine months and it took 4 months of work to get this theater not only functional but presentable as well for family and friends. I did as much work as possible DIY. The build consists of Three Areas: The main Home Theater Room The Concession Closet The Hall Way Entrance Gallery: The Main Home Theater which is located on the second floor in a 20.5'" x 15.5' bedroom. The room has two exterior walls both of which have 1 Double window. All of the interior walls have multiple doors consisting of three for closets, one for the Jack and Jill bathroom and an entry/exit door. Attached to the room is a 6'-0 x 6'-0 Walk-in closet being used for Storage of Media and surplus theater décor. and a on suite Bathroom door located in the rear of the theater. The main theater room has Seating for 10-12 people within three seating zones. Front row seating - Consists of three black leather power recliners 10'-0 from the screen. Platform seating - Consist of three Burgundy recliners on a raised carpeted platform composed of shipping pallets covered in 3/4" Sub flooring. It is 8'-6 x 14'-0 x 0-8" Bar seating - Composed of 4 extra tall Bar Stools and a counter (not completed yet) located behind the platform seating. The "Concession Closet" is a double walk-in closet that has two doors on the left surround wall of the main home theater room. It is 13' x 4'-2" and houses and displays all of the food and drinks, and equipment for preparations of concessions served in the theater. There is also space for concessions related collectables and décor to be displayed as well. The Hall Way Entrance and Gallery is the third major part of the home theater experience. It is a 15' x 5'-0 x 7'-0 dog-legged hallway leading into the main theater. The main purpose of this area is to create dramatic affect and build anticipation through the display of cinema artwork, collectables and movie posters. This area also fetures custom accent lighting, sinage and decorating techniques to enhance the desired effect.
  2. Hi, this is my first post to the community. I currently have a Denon AVR x2300w, with Klipsch R-14m L/R fronts and a Klipsch R-100SW 10". The R-14m's with R-100sw 10” sub are just too lacking for 2 channel music. I always expected to upgrade them when I bought them on sale. They can be a little harsh at even mid volume. I like a mix of music but def old and new rock, blues, electronic. Soft and Loud. I like mid-high volume typically. System is in a room 11x20. So i sit facing the long wall about 9-10 feet back. I am trying to decide between RP-5000 and RP-6000, or possible RP-600m and will continue to use the sub. I’m also interested in the RP-250f or RP-260f, since they are at a discount now and seem to to be similar, though I haven’t heard any of them. I think I’d prefer the floor standers. I have a center r-250c, and plan to use the R-14’s as tear surrounds for movies , or 2 channel in my office above my desk. I mostly stream hi res on Qobuz, and listen to vinyl utilizing the pure direct mode, so no processing just speaker placement and crossovers. Any input would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I just purchased the Klipsch R-14M 4-Inch Reference Bookshelf Speakers to use as my surround speakers. I have to mount them to the beam in my basement and have them pointing down to where the couch is. The back of the speakers has a hole where I can connect to a screw or nail and it would mount them but I want to be able to tilt them and would like some advice on what the best mount would be. I'm afraid to buy a mount with a plate I have to attach to the speaker with screws because I don't want to mess up the speaker or the sound. Thank you for any help you can give me.
  4. Hello everyone! *ABOUT ME, SKIP DOWN FOR MY TOPIC* New to the forum, but I actually just got into Klipsch! My step dad has had the Quintet III for years now and he loves it and I admit it sounds damn good. Before I have what I have now, I owned the Polk Audio RM6750 surround system. It was a basic 5.1 channel with a small subwoofer. I used all of the surround speakers but never used the sub or the center channel. After hearing my step dad's set up, and with his Klipsch Sub10, I ended up building my own. It was during the time I loved building speakers, so I ordered the woofer off of eBay, bought a plate amp and port, and built it to the spec's of his. It turned out great! Also I custom built my center channel with speakers from HiVI, and crossover'd them. I had them all running through an older Yamaha 6.1 Receiver! Currently, this is what I have: Current Setup Klipsch R-15m --- Mains (2) Klipsch R-14m --- Surrounds (2) Custom HiVI --- Center Polk Audio PSW505 --- Subwoofer Pioneer Elite VSX-94TXH --- Receiver HISENSE 55h8c 4k --- Television So overall, my setup is decent however there are some problems with it. I've been looking everywhere for a suitable replacement for the receiver and I've come up with nothing in my price range really. The guy is a beast what can I say! The sound is very clear, it pushes 140 watts at 8 ohms which is rare to find because everything now says "WOW 250 watts in every channel! *in fine print* at 6 ohms! So now reduce the power a lot to get the 8 Ohms. The THX certification is a nice feeling to have even though the speakers aren't, and just overall it's very easy to use. Problem being, I'm trying to get a little more modern. The Elite only has HDMI 1.3 I believe, which doesn't support 4K pass-through. My question being, what would be a good upgrade receiver wise to give me similar sound/plus having 4K pass-through? OR, I have been considering if I went with a power amplifier and a cheaper receiver to do the same thing while allowing me to get 4K pass-through. I have looked into Emotiva, Rotel, Parasound and so on and all of them are quite expensive of course for a 5 Channel amp. Is any of this worth it? Or should I continue just running all of my stuff to my TV then exporting through optical? Thank you for reading, hope you have a good day! - Josh
  5. Sorry if all this will sound confusing and if its a big post... will try my best to explain all this without giving a headache. I'm new to better quality music listening so hope all this is not difficult to answer. I'm slowly moving from a Logitech Z-906 system to a more conventional one. Here is my current 5.1 setup: - Yamaha HTR-6160 - Klipsch R-14M main front left/rigth - Z906 subwoofer (6 ohms, at 52 Hz, at 10% THD) connected on the A/V subwoofer pre-out going to the Z906 sub's stereo RCA input - Z906 Rear left/rigth and centre (each: 67 watts, 4 ohms at 3.85kHz, at 10% THD) Yamaha A/V is connected to a Win10 PC using a Sound Blaster ZXR (optical + analog multi channels) and a Nvidia video card (DVI/HDMI). I'm trying to get the best settings for listing to 2.1 stereo music. I also play games but i'm more concerned about music quality. Anyone know the best setting i could use one the A/V receiver, Windows 10 and Sound Blaster software? I tried so-many different setting that i don't know anymore myself what sounds better lol think i also need a reset. Here are my main questions for music quality. - A/V receiver: It can support 6 ohms speakers but the Z906 rear L/R and centre speakers are 4 ohms. Can this damage something? Heard mixed stories on that. - Windows 10: What is best 16-bit bit depth or 24-bit? And sampling rate 48kHz, 96kHz or 192 kHz. Most of my CDs have been ripped to MP3s at 320kbps but also have others mostly at around 192kbps. - A/V and Windows: Should the R-14M be set as small or large speakers? And z906 satellites to small? - Windows: What usually sound best WASAPI push, WASAPI event or Direct Sound (using foobar 2000) - SB ZXR: In general, is it better to use SPDIF, Optical/Speakers or Analogue/Speakers - A/V receiver: When using DTS or DD the music sound canned. Can this be fixed or is it better to use PCM/Straight - If i missed other important settings that should be set please let me know Thank you very much for any help!
  6. Hi, I am planning to mount my R-14M to the ceiling using the following mount a Colytech SP-OS04 mounts: http://www.cotytech.com/content-product_info/product_id-2275/ceiling_bracket_for_large_satellite_speaker_sp_os04.html. There are two options: to attach the mount plate to the side wall of the speaker or to the top wall. Could someone advise which way would be better, as well as what type, size and number of screws to use? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I received a pair of Klipsch R-14M speakers for a record player (audio-technica AT LP60) and i have a yamaha receiver (S202) All I am seeking advice for is where I can find the wires that both connect the receiver to these speakers, and an extended wire to connect the receiver to the record player. Please help! Records anxiously waiting to be played! Thank you!
  8. Howdy, y'all. I use a pair of KG 1.5s for my office system, powered by an NAD 7240PE receiver. A pair of sealed CSW Ensemble subs are crossed in at about 55 Hz to handle the lower frequencies. The KGs sit on swing-out platforms mounted to an IKEA Jerker desk, with the tweeters at around ear level, 4 feet away and about 5 feet apart. The sound is nice - in fact, the 1.5s are what turned me on to Klipsch and eventually the Epic line. While it's vastly superior to the Logitech computer speakers they replaced, and the imaging is pretty accurate, the sound field is a tad shallow. Recently, Amazon and some other reputable retailers have been offering a pair of Klipsch R-14M speakers for only $100! Would these be a good choice, or should I go with more dedicated nearfield monitors? Or are the speakers not the problem, here? Your advice is most appreciated.
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