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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, Greetings! I have been using the R12SW subwoofer for almost 3 years now, and hands down I am always in love with it! I recently shifted homes, and the entire audio setup was uninstalled and reinstalled completely by me. Can’t just let anyone else touch it. However after installation, when I touched the on-auto-off switch behind the subwoofer, I got a pleasant electric shock. Unfortunately I don’t have a voltmeter, and using an electric tester I found power at every metallic part of the subwoofer (be it screws, switches, line in ports). (PS : range of electric tested is 110-240v) I disconnected the RCA cables, changed the power source : but all this did not solve the problem. Can you please advise what can I do next? Do you feel there is a loose connection inside the chassis, or a foreign object there which is causing this power leakage? Due to these pandemic times taking it to a service center is not an option. Thank you so very much for your suggestions! Best regards Anamitra
  2. Pardon me! I'm not familiar with the speakers and home theaters. I recently bought Klipsch R51-PM bookshelf speakers. Its working amazing. Can I connect it to the Klipsch R-12SW Reference Powered Subwoofer to it (which I bought from costco recently) ? OR Shall i go ahead with Klipsch Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Channel Surround Sound System instead of the bookshelf + subwoofer combo? My usage is, mostly I'l stream the songs via bluetooth from my phone and digital output the TV?
  3. I upgraded my R12SW to a R112SW, and i'm slightly surprised with the outcome. The sub is fantastic. Powerfull, low, clean sound...but one thing bothers me. I use the exact same setup that i used with my R12SW (same level on the yamaha receiver, same position, same test movie). To get the same loudness i had with the R12SW i have to push the gain level to at least the same position as i did with the R12. Does anyone know why? It has way more power than the R12 (300 Watts, the old one has 200). So i can't figure out the reason for that. Thanks in advance for every answer!
  4. I am trying to decide between a Klipsch Sub-12 and a R12SW. Any suggestions? The Sub-12 is higher in power and has a slightly better freq range compared to the R12SW. However, the R12SW is a newer model with new technology.
  5. I have a yamaha rx-v1081 receiver with 2 subwoofer outputs. I have two 400 watt identical Klipsch powered Subwoofers model R12SW I stacked the subs one on top the each and actually liked the sound however I noticed something odd. One sub sounds great at 50 percent gain, but the other sub with the same gain setting is way quieter. I have to turn the gain up to 80 percent to match the bass volume of the other sub. Can anyone explain this to me? Does the yamaha receiver output the same power from each sub output? I tried the subs separated in different locations in the living room and I get the same thing. Both subs sound great, but one is just not pumping out the same volume as the other. The subs are less than a year old and the yamaha receiver is brand new. Please help!! Thanks in Advance
  6. Hey Guys, I have a brand new in box Klipsch Reference r-12sw Subwoofer for sale. I won it as a prize from work, and its way too big for my apartment. Looking to sell, Local pickup preferred. Shipping is on buyer if they choose to. Let me know if interested. $275.
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