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Found 6 results

  1. From the album: Paladin's System Album

    So I finally popped for a 4K 65" Sony XBR65x900f to bring the gaming rig up to modern spec in advance of the next generation of consoles. However, I've had my flagship Reference Kit just sitting idle and that just won't do. So I also pulled out the Icon Wood L/C/R and replaced it with the RF-7II pair and the RC-64II. Also put in an old Acurus 125x5 just because it was also sitting idle. So now I can't keep myself out of here. And heck yes God of War looks stunning in 1080p/24 in HDR10
  2. Hey guys, need some advice. I currently have an R-25C and a pair of R-28F as well as a pair R-14s. The R-28F sound fantastic, but I'm looking for a little more than the R-25C can give, but I got a really good deal on it ($100) and it blew my previous center out of the water and into outer space. I'm contemplating getting the RC-64 ii, but I don't want to "mismatch" it with my R-28F. I currently have a Yamaha RX-V675, and will be upgrading to the Yamaha RX-A3060 soon. Thoughts?
  3. Hey all - Just had a newborn and considering going to in-walls to free up some space in the room and hopefully have some money left over from the sale. Would hate to see this stuff go, but we don't get to use the media room much, right now.Considering selling my Klipsch system. Purchased in 2014 and in great condition. Never over, or under, driven. Originally powered by a Denon x2200w then Denon x4300h and now an Outlaw 7125 amp.Available (a la carte):2 x RF-7 II - $750 each1 x RC‑64 II - $5502 x RS‑62 II - $250 each2 x RS-41 II - $100 eachAll together = $2600 ($150 off)Only have original boxes for the RS-41’s, so can’t ship the RF-7s or the center. Located outside of Wash. DC (Leesburg, VA - 20175).Attached are a few pictures of the speakers in our room. Also listed on AVSForum: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/209-audio-gear/2931458-testing-waters-klipsch-reference-7-0-setup-rf-7-ii-rc-64-ii-rs-62-ii-rs-41ii.html#post55081452
  4. Hey all I have some Klipsch parts from a project that fell through. All are new unused one compression driver was test mounted to horn only. First 3 K-701-G compression driver's $80 shipped each. 2 rf-7ii horn and lens $40 shipped each horn/lens. 1 rc-64ii crossover $80 shipped. I'll take $375 shipped for everything and cover Paypal fees. I will sell at these prices to only the main 48 states thanks.
  5. Hello All, Wanted to see if anybody is currently running this setup. I just purchased a pair of RF-7's which I love. However, they are cherry and it would appear that finding a cherry RC-7 may be a challenge. Also have been chewing on the idea of buying a cherry RC-64II, but wanted to get some opinions on here first. Yes - I am aware that your front 3 should always match. I do also know, though, that sometimes a later generation of a speaker is not all that different than its predecessor. - Any opinions on what the RF-7's and RC-64 II sound like together? - Does anyone happen to know if the cherry veneer on the RC-64 II matches the veneer on the RF-7's? Hard to tell in photos whether there is a considerable difference in color. Any insight would be appreciated, thanks!
  6. Hello, I have a current setup of Marantz 5010 with Klipsch R-28F and RS-52 II. I am looking for which center I should buy for my setup. It's being used mostly for watching movies, but of course music from time to time as well. After some reading I was first thinking of going for the RC-62 II, but I am also considering RC-64 II. Which one will go best together with my setup while also thinking about the price? Should I consider any other center? Will the Marantz 5010 have any problems if I go for the RC-64 II with my setup?
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