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    JVC DLA-RS420 (PJ)
    Denon AVR-x4300H (AVR)
    Klipsch RF7ii x 2 (Fronts)
    Klipsch RC-64ii (Center)
    Klipsch RS-62ii x 2 (Surrounds)
    Klipsch RS-42ii x 2 (Rears)
    HSU VTF-3 MK5 x 2 (Subs)

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  1. Thank you for your interest - these are sale pending. If it falls through I will get back to this thread.
  2. Thanks! Now I just need to sell my RF-7 II’s Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. @Ceptorman - Thanks! Looks better with the overhead lights not pegging the screen Will have a new room at our new house, but speakers will likely sit under tarps for the next year, if they don't sell.
  4. **Sale pending** Selling my RF-7ii's in black. Great condition - speaker grilles untouched, all speaker grille pegs intact. I am the original owner. ~ Two minor areas of wear on front edge of speaker where face meets top (will be pictured), but not noticeable. Woofers and tweeters never touched, etc. Always driven with Outlaw Audio 7125 clean power. Unlikely I'll be able to ship - they're ~85lbs each without packaging. Do not have original boxes. $1150 takes them.
  5. BMac1203

    Can close

    Can close - decided to sell my current RF-7 II's.
  6. [mention=62203]robert_kc[/mention] Seems like the real solution is for you to sell me your spare RF-7ii that you’re using as a rear [emoji4] Currently running 7.2.4 already with: L/R: RF-7 ii Ctr: RC-64 ii Surr L/R: RS-62 ii Rear L/R: RS-41 ii Heights(4): Micca M8-C Subs: HSU VTF-3 Mk5
  7. @Ceptorman - Thanks! Good call on the color - it’s black. Updating the description, now.
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