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Found 3 results

  1. Too much play and not enough total abandon make Dave a dull boy. I will put up some results of my experiment in moding a VST RIAA plugin to deal specifically with all the various flat as Death Valley earliest discs to RIAA of the late 40s. I sold my Empire 598 Mk II that was dedicated to 78s as well as the awesome Rek-O-Kut Re-equalizer that, with 57 different curves provides audibly perfect EQ for any 78. Problem is they cost 450.00 now and, while well worth that, I really could see why hardware should be necessary. So, it's codn' time again. Only took about an hour and it worked. To replace my Empire, I purchased a Dual 1229 in mint condition for a 125 bucks as it is good enough. If the TT adds or subtracts nothing from the music the rest of the money is spent on vanity in my experience. Put an Ortofon 2M on it at about 300.00. Ridiculous overspend on that, but heck, I love my 2M Black and figured it needed company. The Stanton AL 500 that I had on my Empire is about 75 bucks and, Crikey...we are talking speeds, mass, huge grooves such that you could probably get decent sound with a straight pin stuck through the bottom of a paper cone cup. That's horn loading, too. Did exactly that as a kid and it sounded quite decent. For a preamp, there is only one that is unsurpassed for 78's. The Technolink TC-778 RIAA Phono Preamp from phonopreamps.com. 70 bucks. So, for the 600 my friend gave me (the Empire alone is worth at least that) I replaced the entire chain for change over 400 and appear to have achieved an improvement like Klipschorns over Bose. Hooked it up and recorded to my Tascam DA3000 in DSF. Again, overkill but it's the one I bought to archive PWK's 400 reel to reel records and flat from DC to light, so might as well. Transferred the files to my HT PC and played them back through the modded RIAA VST. Set it manually by ear the first time as was overwhelmed. As writing about sound is like talking about paintings you'll have to wait to judge for yourself. Think I'll be spending a LOT of time archiving more of my collection. Did about 20 this morning. Here's one. "All Shook Up." Original worn, but good condition. 78s were bullet proof except for breakage. Even then you can glue them back together and use impulse noise filters to get rid of the pop. All Shook Up.mp3
  2. Which would you choose for 2-channel if you had a choice between Forte II's and Quartets? What's a good price for each?
  3. Hello everyone! I'm new, obviously. Looking to make friends and share stories, especially Pink Floyd related friends and stories. Please, without Rogers politics or religous views brought up for everyones sake please, tell me a good Pink Floyd story you have, or a general hello. I'll start: My son, who is about 8, is Orion Syd. Named after Pink Floyd founder: Syd Barrett. My wife and I love Floyd and there is not much in our life that isn't influenced for some reason some how by Pink Floyds music and history. My wife and I toured around during the Rogers Dark Side tour while she was pregnant with our little guy. So even though he has yet to go see any Floyd related shows yet, he was there! ;-) We have been hearing talks of a Gilmour tour this year, so it looks like Orion will be getting his first Floyd experience soon enough. May they shine on: Rick and Syd
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