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Found 2 results

  1. I've always wondered if there was a better wary to wire my subs. I've currently got 2 DIY Danley TH-SPUS (the ones with 2-8" drivers), that are rated at 400 watts continuous at 8 ohms. I've got the Crown XLS-2502 which is rated at 440 w at 8 ohms dual, but also 2400w 4 ohm bridged, and 1550 w 8 ohm bridged. Currently I have the sub out of my AVR to the MINI DSP, split and eq'ed with the DSP, then each channel on the Crown handling one of each sub. Would it make sense to bridge the amp, to wire the 2-8 ohms subs in parallel to provide a 4 ohm load allowing me to provide 2400 w to the subs? Does it work like this? 2nd part to the question, I know running the MINI DSP I should only be sending .775Vrms, but do have the sensitivity on the Crown switched to .775. If my Ashley Protea is capable of the full 1.4Vrms, would there be any benefit to switching?
  2. Hey everyone, I have recently moved back to Klipsch speakers after being with Polk RTIA's for roughly 7 years. Though I loved the appearance of the Polk's as they fit perfectly in my living room, they never came close in my opinion to Klipsch. I had the Icon W series prior to Polk for about 6 years and missed the sound but got complacent with my Polk speakers. Long story short, I had a couple amps hooked up that I wasn't really using to their potential so decided to sell and downsize a bit. A guy got a hold of me wanting to trade some equipment and at first I said no but a month later he reached out again. I ended up trading my Emotiva LPA-1 and XPA-200 for a set of RF-3's, RC-3, and 2 pair Quintets (white). The quintets are brand new never opened and the RF-3 set came in their boxes and look straight from Klipsch along with the RC-3. I could not be happier except I needed a new pair of surrounds so I ordered a pair of RB-51ii in hopes that they will match well. Thoughts? Now I've got the Klipsch bug again and although the RC-3 sounds outstanding it is tiny compared to my CSI-A6 and I love a big and powerful center channel. So now I'm hunting for a good matching center for my RF-3's, RB-51ii's, and my SVS PB-2000 Sub. I'm looking at the Klipsch RP-450C and before ordering was hoping that some of you here could give a little feedback & opinion on my choice of mixing and matching Klipsch speakers. Now I do understand that mixing series is not optimal but also realize Klipsch has a very distinct sound and may blend well together. I will look forward to any and all responses and Thanks in advance for any and all time and consideration here. Bobby C. Incloud Design
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