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  1. Bump. Got the RP-450C today. Going to set it up and come back with results. I got nice speaker spikes and protectors copper plated to match the drivers and it looks great. Waiting for an SPL and Microphone boom to arrive Thursday and will calibrate it all. So far I could not be happier with my decision to come back to Klipsch as it is a night and day difference in sound over my Polk's. Thanks for all the feedback!
  2. Hey guys, so I ordered the RP-450C and will receive it by Tuesday this coming week. I traded my amps so am running off my Onkyo TX-RZ810 rated 130 Watt - 8 Ohm - 20 - 20000 kHz - THD 0.08% - 2 channels. The nominal output power of the RP-450C is 150w. I'm sure I'll have plenty of power to drive the 450C with my Onkyo but to be honest I'm not completely sure how all the numbers work. I don't listen to music much, mainly watch movies, but want to be sure my system plays to its potential and my RF-3ii's, RP-450C, and RB-51ii's are not lacking power and distort. If someone could explain in laymen terms what I'm dealing with described here it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks to all, I'm very excited!
  3. I got my RB-51ii's today and first thought was "they're tiny" compared to my A3's but they sound outstanding with much better detail. I've got them crossed at 60hz and they blend fine. My plan is to order the RP-450C Wednesday. I really don't need it as the RC-3 is essentially plenty but I've got the bug now, lol. Addicted again!
  4. Thanks, it's on its way. Next house will have a dedicated theater room with hidden speakers and I intend on matching speakers throughout.
  5. I agree with you on the matching woofers as that would be most appealing and most likely blend better. The RF-3's are very impressive and the crisp bass is outstanding but I do miss the size of my CSI-A6 and my living room looks empty without it in comparison to the RC-3. Don't get me wrong the RC-3 is a great speaker and sounds better to me than the CSI-A6 but I love a beefy center and the RC-64's have the size although the price is still a bit steep for me. The RP-450C has the size and aesthetics I'm looking for, is a newer model and priced pretty low for a Premier series speaker in my opinion. I don't listen to music that often and my main focus is on home theater sound as detailed as possible in my price range. I have a 2 family and rent the apartment above me so I have to be courteous about how loud and when I pump it up for movies. As you can see I am aiming toward the RP-450C and as long as it wouldn't be a mistake and stand out from the rest of the system, chances are that's what I'll order. I'm going to use the the RC-3 with the two sets of white Quintets I got with the deal in my bedroom. Sounds to me like it will all work out and I must say it feels great to back with Klipsch. I had forgotten just how much I enjoyed the signature sound of all Klipsch speakers. After listening to my Polk's for so long it is a shame how much I was missing from my system by not going Klipsch. Thanks guys for the great feedback and considerations!
  6. I'm looking at the RP-450C to go with my RF-3's so I'm following this. Started my own thread with specifics.
  7. Hey everyone, I have recently moved back to Klipsch speakers after being with Polk RTIA's for roughly 7 years. Though I loved the appearance of the Polk's as they fit perfectly in my living room, they never came close in my opinion to Klipsch. I had the Icon W series prior to Polk for about 6 years and missed the sound but got complacent with my Polk speakers. Long story short, I had a couple amps hooked up that I wasn't really using to their potential so decided to sell and downsize a bit. A guy got a hold of me wanting to trade some equipment and at first I said no but a month later he reached out again. I ended up trading my Emotiva LPA-1 and XPA-200 for a set of RF-3's, RC-3, and 2 pair Quintets (white). The quintets are brand new never opened and the RF-3 set came in their boxes and look straight from Klipsch along with the RC-3. I could not be happier except I needed a new pair of surrounds so I ordered a pair of RB-51ii in hopes that they will match well. Thoughts? Now I've got the Klipsch bug again and although the RC-3 sounds outstanding it is tiny compared to my CSI-A6 and I love a big and powerful center channel. So now I'm hunting for a good matching center for my RF-3's, RB-51ii's, and my SVS PB-2000 Sub. I'm looking at the Klipsch RP-450C and before ordering was hoping that some of you here could give a little feedback & opinion on my choice of mixing and matching Klipsch speakers. Now I do understand that mixing series is not optimal but also realize Klipsch has a very distinct sound and may blend well together. I will look forward to any and all responses and Thanks in advance for any and all time and consideration here. Bobby C. Incloud Design
  8. Thanks for the heads up, didn't realize the misprint.
  9. Just put these up on Craigslist in hopes for local sale but would like to give a chance here for someone near MA. 01610 to grab this nice set. http://worcester.craigslist.org/ele/4178633191.html
  10. Did the 52's go? If not PM me a price and pics. I'm interested!
  11. Are the 41's and 52's still available? I'm in Massachusetts though...
  12. Up for sale out of Worcester, MA. 01610 is a set of WF-34 Floorstanders and a WC-24 Center. Both are from the Icon Wood series and in great condition overall. WF-34 - $220 WF-34 - $220 WC-24 - $220 All Three for $600
  13. Location: Worcester, MA. 01610 I am currently looking for a set of either RF-62ii or RF-82ii speakers along with an RC-62ii center and RS-52ii surrounds. I have been looking into buying new but attempting to find an excellent condition used set as I'm not rich. No interest in speakers that are flawed aesthetically and in hopes that one of the dedicated audiophiles here on the forum will give some guidance on this attempt. The set will be powered by an Emotiva LPA-1 (5@125, 2@50 Watt) amplifier and UMC-200 Pre/Pro. Any help with this is greatly appreciated and Thanks in advance for any and all support! Upgrading from WF-34 and WC-24 Icon Woods
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