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  1. isotopesope

    Home Theater set up for TV...?

    that receiver is 100 watts per channel at 6 ohms... with 2 channels driven. adding the center channel will reduce the output throughout. ftp://ftp.panasonic.com/audio/om/sa-xr57_en_om.pdf it will be less than 100w with your 8 ohm speakers. plus, it only has a maximum of 135 watts power consumption, which is very revealing of it's true power capabilities. or lack there of. for comparision, my 5x140 watt Marantz MM7055 amplifier has a 660 watt power consumption. the specs of the AVR aren't too impressive overall, but seems like you've isolated your lower volume issue to the Uverse box only? does the Uverse box sound too quite when connected to your Outlaw?
  2. isotopesope

    Forte III

    i have no experience with McIntosh tube amps myself. just wondering what he was considering as a replacement to his Line Magnetic SET amp.
  3. isotopesope

    Forte III

    tube or solid state McIntosh? I am continually blown away by the sound from my Forte III and McIntosh MX-113/MC752 combo. My Klipsch dealer recommended AT LEAST 60 hours of burn in time for the FIII. Mine definitely smoothed out after a good 60+ hours.
  4. isotopesope

    R-15pm phono hum. help please?

    I would try one of those grounding plug adapters or grounding power strips at your home. it solved my phono hum issue with my passive setup. prior to me adding the furman power strip, when I touched my tonearm or the ground, the hum went away. i bet it is an electrical ground issue with your house. so, really any phono stage is probably going to hum.
  5. isotopesope

    R-15pm phono hum. help please?

    even with nothing connected, does the hum change when you touch the ground post on the back? It sounds like a ground issue or EMI interference to me. it seems strange you'd get two defective units like that, but who knows. were the two sets of R-15PM's close in serial numbers? maybe it is a bad run of them?? as suggested, I'd definitely try a grounding plug adapter. after moving to a Furman power strip, it solved the phono hum I was getting with my passive speaker setup. https://www.parts-express.com/furman-ss-6b-6-outlet-surge-block--248-759 As a test, perhaps try plugging that speaker in at someone else's house, your work, etc. just to eliminate any possible local EMI or grounding issues with your home's electrical system. With that turntable, using the phono stage on the powered monitor isn't necessary since it has a build in phono stage...? yes?
  6. isotopesope

    I'm a Believer! (another cable story)

    i've recently had great audible improvements in my 2 channel going from Monster RCA interconnects to using Blue Jeans ones... which are also USA made, but cost nearly a 1/4 of those AP situations. 1' RCA from AP: $108.90 1' RCA from BJC: $30.00 https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/audio/index.htm I use their balanced XLR interconnects in my 5 channel system as well.
  7. "I don't always play my records outside, but when I do, it's at the most dusty/dirty/windy place I can find: the beach."
  8. isotopesope

    Klipsch turntable?

    What have you done for isolation? My house was built in 1898 and has some pretty bouncy floors, but I can now do jumping jacks in front of my TT without issue. My TT lives on top of a 2x2 IKEA Kallax shelf, full of records. The shelf is sitting on 4 cork/rubber Wagner isolation pads. I also added some adhesive 50d sorbothane half spheres to replace the feet of my Kenwood KD-5077. Then placed the sorbothane feet on top of some Audio Technica AT-604 isolation feet (mainly need these for the height adjustment for my crooked floors). The AT feet alone were not enough damping for my situation. Note: sorbothane allegedly can stain some surfaces... It's all made huge differences for footfall and sound quality. Like I said: 180 lb 6'4" me can do jumping jacks in front of it without disrupting the play. Also running a record weight (helps with footfalls) and a Herbie's mat (definite SQ improvement - especially good for greatly reducing my beloved auto's drive noise).
  9. isotopesope

    Silver Faced Receiver

    +1 I also have a H/K 730 twin and thought it was a great match to Klipsch. I've retired it to a bedroom system that rarely gets used, but I'll never get rid of it: it sounds great, pulls in FM like a champ, and is quite handsome, IMO. i find it's looks are very subtle and refined. here's a great 730 complete restore: http://www.amcanaudio.com/?p=788
  10. isotopesope

    need suggestion stereo receiver for rf82

    +1 i have a 70's Harman Kardon 730 twin, which is an incredibly great sounding receiver, especially with Klipsch speakers. the Twin refers to twin transformers; one for each channel. I retired it to a bedroom, but will never get rid of it. it's too handsome and sounds too good. pulls in FM amazingly well. those Outlaw 2 channel receivers are intriguing. never heard one myself, but their products seem great. @fahad1993, what is your budget and connection requirements? have you considered used receivers at all?
  11. isotopesope

    Balanced Interconnects

    i'm using Blue Jeans XLR's between my Marantz AV7702mkII/MM7705 setup, with Neutrik NC3B connectors and Beldon 1800F cable. really happy with them, especially for the price. https://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/balancedaudio/index.htm
  12. it would be interesting for you to swap locations of where the Forte's and RF-7's are sitting and re-do the comparison. I do agree with you that the Forte could use a bit more bass, but where you have them placed is not doing them any favors. the manual suggests 2-10" away from the back wall for the best bass performance... i have had a big increase in the bass response of my Forte III's by bringing them closer to the back wall. A lot closer than seemed "normal", compared to my rear ported RF250F's that the Forte's replaced, but it made a significant difference. I first had them about 18" away, where my RF-250F's were, but then moved them to about 12". after R'ing TFM, they keep creeping closer and closer, and i keep hearing a difference. Now, they're about 6" away, at their closest edge. Instead of raising my Forte's, i have raked mine back to bring the sound "up" toward my big dumb head in my main listening position. YMMV Also, aren't you running aftermarket crossovers in the RF-7's as well? do they affect the bass response of the RF-7's?
  13. isotopesope

    Forte III listening fatigue

    no, not at all. at least to my ears and on my equipment. my MX-113's treble pot sits right at zero for most recordings. sometimes i bump it up a touch, but it's never set below zero.
  14. isotopesope

    cherry Forte III's w/ lambswool grills :)

    are those grilles available separately? i went with the walnut Forte III's with black grilles, but those white ones sure look foxy.
  15. isotopesope

    Bi-Amp Questions

    whoa, actually, looks like you ALREADY have secondary bi-wiring speaker terminals built in. https://www.manualslib.com/manual/38289/Denon-Avr-3600.html?page=10#manual i was imagining "tricking" it by sending the main speaker leads to the LF, and surrounds for the HF, but you may already have a speaker configuration option that would work.