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  1. thank. what about sanctimonious thread crapping from dog whistle know-it-all ****** bags? looks like they deleted my comment, so the snowflake is safe. whew! thoughts and prayers to woof brain.
  2. thank you. here in lies my exact reluctance to spend too much on what could be a fleeting whim. i've graciously had a forum member offer to bring his SET amp over for me to hear, in exchange to audition my Forte's*. *you know, the speakers with a 12" woofer and 15" passive radiator that allegedly is poorly designed and "needs" a sub woofer, according to some expert who is an expert on his own opinion.
  3. I've requested exactly zero speaker recommendations. You either can't read, arrogantly think your baseless opinion has any weight with me, or you're trying to sneak in some BS dog whistle dig. Either way, welcome to my ignore list.
  4. hmmm, thanks! looks intriguing. well, after realizing the clay waste line to my 120 year old house needs replaced and was quoted 1$3K for the job, i am holding off picking up any test tube babies until i can address this. granted, after I declared this to myself, a mega-McIntosh auction with MANY tube mono blocks has popped up here to taunt me: https://www.bidspotter.com/en-us/auction-catalogues/timed/hamilton-group/catalogue-id-bsctheh10116/search-filter?archiveSearch=False&sortTerm=lowBid also some Dynaco's, Fisher's, etc.
  5. hello. i am considering trying out a tube amp, just for the heck of it. i don't know much about them and have never really heard one (beyond guitar amps) but the more I research the different architecture types, the more annoyed and confused I get. hahaha almost kidding? i've pretty much narrowed it down to a stereo push/pull magnavox console amp. is this a good place to begin? i've found several modded/refurbished ones on that popular auction site that intrigue me. most are around $200, which is about the most i would want to spend on what is only a morbid curiosity at this point. the push/pull setups intrigue me a bit more than a SET amp, mainly due to having a bit more power and volume capabilities? is that "true"? though it seems many people say that SET is a special kind of magic... my current 2 channel setup: McIntosh MX-113 pretuner, McIntosh MC-752 power amp, and Forte III's. the McIntosh fanboy in me wants one of their tube amps because duh, but i'm not willing to spend that kinda cheese at the moment. I listen to everything from jazz to country to classical to classic rock to indie rock to hip hop to heavy metal... i listen to records 90% of the time. overall, i really love my current setup and don't have any real complaints about it, but what might I expect switching to tube power? how might it compare to my ultra clean sounding solid state amp? would it be ridiculous to try a passive horizontal bi-amp setup, with a tube amp for the highs and the solid state amp for the lows? (yeah yeah active bi-amping with active crossovers is "best" blah blah blah)
  6. congrats! cherry cabinets and the lamb's wool grilles sounds quite handsome. i bought my Forte III's without hearing them and was blown away immediately, only to be further and further impressed as they "broke in" and as i have tweaked their placement.
  7. that's interesting. i've also been told another rough estimate is to look at the total wattage consumption, and divide that by the number of channels. that Denon AVRX4400H consumes 710 watts...
  8. one thing that I hope everyone can agree on is that heat ruins electronics. I like having the amp separate from the preamp for this very reason.
  9. i run a McIntosh MC-752 in my two channel system, driving my Forte III's. i find it to be a very clean, detailed, and neutral sounding amp. no autoformers. there are two MC-754's up on that popular auction site currently. essentially the same amp, but 2x100w and can be run as a monoblock. these amps don't have blue meters, so they seem to not be in a lot of demand, but they each have great specs. http://www.berners.ch/McIntosh/Downloads/MC752_dat.pdf http://www.berners.ch/McIntosh/Downloads/MC754_dat.pdf
  10. ok, so i essentially only buy new equipment from my locally owned independent audio shop... BUT! i was doing a comparison between the NAD t758v3 vs the Marantz SR5013 and SR6012 on Crutchfield: https://www.crutchfield.com/Product/CompareTo.aspx?g=10420&compareItems=01|745T758V3&compareItems=01|642SR5013&compareItems=01|642SR6012 to me, you get a lot more for your money on either Marantz over the NAD. either Marantz has more inputs and more features. built-in bluetooth, airplay, alexa... plus, no phono input or ethernet port on the NAD. however, maybe all that doesn't matter to you? channel wise, the 7.1 t758v3 is more equivalent to the 7.2 SR5013, which only has Audyssey XT, but the 9.2 SR6012 has the XT32 plus the two extra channels, and lists for less. however, looks like Crutchfield has a special going on for the SR6012 now... only $900! reviews on the NAD aren't as good either. also, NAD has a 2 year warranty, Marantz is 3.
  11. yeah, my AV7702mkII has the Audyssey MultEQ XT32. i like it a lot; it's really a pretty easy setup process and everything sounds well blended. but again, this is my first surround setup, so I have nothing to compare it to. i've re-run it a few times now, after rearranging my furniture and speakers a few times, etc. prior to running the Audyssey, i experimented with manual configurations, but got way better sounding results after the Audyssey setup. no surprise, since i'm still a HT noob and still learning. i REALLY wanted a McIntosh MX-122, but it's just too damn expensive for me at the moment. the MX-122 also uses the Audyssey MultEQ XT32, and has other strong similarities to the Marantz, which was a huge factor in me going with it. that, and my local audio shop sold it to me for 50% off list, as it was the outgoing model , making way for the AV7703. again, no direct experience with Dirac or NAD's home theater stuff in general. is there anywhere you can A/B both brands of receivers?
  12. i have a Marantz 7702mkII processor paired to their MM7705 5 channel amp. i'm using XLR interconnects between them from Blue Jeans Cables. it sounds excellent, and has a lot of really killer features. i dig the Audessey calibration on it too. the remote can be programmed to run other components like your Bluray player or TV. i really love this setup, but it is my first foray into home theater or multi-channel sound. i've always been a 2 channel analog luddite, prior. well, i still am. ha! i think the AV770x processors have really similar features as their SR70xx receivers? i've never heard an NAD pre/pro/avr, but have a lot of respect for the company and their products.
  13. i have no experience with Denon, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE my Marantz AV7702mkII. granted, it's a processor, not an AVR, but it sounds amazingly good, has a ton of useful features, and has a great Audessey speaker calibration setup. it has very similar features as their SR60xx and SR70xx series AVRs. i have mine paired to their MM7055 5 channel amp, using XLR's from Blue Jeans Cables. the remote can be programmed to control a lot of other devices, like your bluray player or TV. my Marantz combo has really great synergy with my RP Klipsch speakers. nearly on par with the synergy i experience with my McIntosh MC752/Forte III combo in my 2 channel system, but that's sorta an apples to oranges comparison. Marantz is pretty honest about their power ratings. they don't do any weird specs to make them look better on paper, like some other companies do. like companies spec'ing the wattage with 1 channel driven at 10% THD? le huh? i'm sorta new to this HT stuff, but who wants that? They spec the SR6013 as 110 watts per channel, with 2 channels driven, at 8 ohms, .08% THD. https://www.us.marantz.com/us/Products/Pages/ProductDetails.aspx?CatId=AVReceivers&SubCatId=0&ProductId=SR6013 I just added an AC Infinity component cooler for the amp, to help it stay cool, though the amp never got all that hot, i just wanted the extra peace of mind. https://www.acinfinity.com/component-cooling/component-fan-systems/aircom-t8-receiver-and-av-component-cooling-blower-system-rear-exhaust-17/
  14. ah, interesting. thanks for a better explanation than "try it because I have a subjective opinion about it". a third tower as my center is definitely unrealistic for my room and setup. i also don't have the perception my center channel is mismatched with my towers at all. i haven't noticed any of the issues you described, but I don't have a huge seating area for my HT, and don't use this system for music. my MLP is 10' away from the center channel (RP440c), with the center of my mains (RP-250f's) about 10' apart. I use the Audyssey MultEQ XT32 built into my Marantz 7702mkII for my speaker setup.
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