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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, Does anyone have drawings or schematics for the TSCM's? Thanks ML
  2. This was an high slope attic. We added nearly 1000 feet there. Pics show progression. We have just added acoustic foam and Bass traps which to my pleasure noticeably improved on an already good thing. Finally to match up w/ the radically modded TSCMs I ended up making my own center out of two Klipschorn horns driven by DE 220 ti drivers. The 10" woofers were installed with a sealed acoustic suspension box with measured 5 db down at 45 hz. A modified 24 db/octave crossover with some creative wiring matched the more efficient HF units to the woofers. Results have steadily improved to the point my guests consistently like my sound better than any commercial movie theater they have been in. I am pleased. The TSCMs have 24db crossovers with upgraded mid-range drivers and DE 120 tweeters. The improvement has been very noticeable ! The front surrounds are RS-52ii, the rear surrounds RS 62ii, the rear height are RB81ii with 4 Klipsch in-the-wall speakers in the ceiling. Currently they are paired with the surrounds. Powered by a 9.1 Marantz with a Samsung top blue ray and 85" 4k Samsung TV. More photo coming.
  3. Matched pair of Pristine k33 15 inch woofer for various Klipsch bass horns. Thinking $200 plus shipping. Any offers? I am in North Dallas, TX
  4. 4 working k78 drivers. These are basically k77 drivers with 16 ohm impedance. These are two matched pairs. Seem to work as intended. $140 plus shipping. These do not weigh much and I would estimate something like $20
  5. 8 clean good condition functioning mid-range drivers from Klipsch TSCMs for sale. 4 working Klipsch K-55-V and 4 working K-55-M. Thinking selling as groups of 2 or more. $50 for two. I am also looking for a Jubilee type top hat if anyone has one.
  6. After a huge investment of time and precious metal I have nearly finished my built-from-scratch home theater. Mains are TSCMs with a pair of RF 81ii for the center. The surrounds are RS 62ii and RS 51ii. Rears are RB81s and there are 4 [currently unused] ceiling ATMOS speakers. Amp is Top of line Marantz set up for 9.2. One of most important items is the length of the HDMI and Ethernet lines. I had trouble with lower performance lines as short as 10 feet. Anything over 10-15 feet mandates top of the line cabling. Especially important if you plan to stream 4k TV. I used special drywall with additional sound absorptive paint. Has worked well to limit the reflections. Heavy carpet with thick pads have limited the floor reflections. For you Klipsch Pro fans the TSCMs were pricey but have totally out performed a pair of Cornwalls. Looks like overkill; but, no one says you have to turn them up. In my theater I must be running them at 2 % of capacity and they absolutely sound great. I have tried almost every conceivable surround combination and frankly my ears can not tell the difference between the RS 62s and the RS 51s when used as surrounds. Actually any other quality speaker for that matter having tried at least 6 other combinations. The mains and center have made a huge difference however.
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