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  1. WTB Pair of RS-52ii

    How badly do you want a pair of 52s? Price range?
  2. A-55G Midrange Driver....

    Would think the brightness more a function of the tweeter than the squawker. But.... If it sounds good it is good.
  3. A-55G Midrange Driver....

    And she said : "Who is John Galt?"

    I love my set..... What more is there to say?
  5. ALK ESN-500/ESN5800 Crossovers $1000

    If you still have these would you sell one of the 500s ?
  6. Crites Jubilee crossovers

    Seems to be too many inductors and two boards for a 2 way; these must be 4th order and the kind you can change a strap to make them a 3 way. Schematic by any chance?
  7. I changed out the K33s in my TSCMs. I did them separately so I could compare the unmodified bin from the one with the new Crite's cast frame speaker. The result was a modest increased in volume and what seemed to be boomier [forgive my unscientific use of this set of letters] bass. I can not tell if this is due to a more efficient speaker or actual lower response but I suspect it might be a bit of both. I did not have source material that allowed for an accurate measurement of frequency response. The apparent increase in bass was noted by several of us that listened to the two playing the same material. I watch a lot of movies and lacking a quality sub the additional bass seems to improve the experience.
  8. Crites Jubilee crossovers

    Do you know the crossover frequencies? 500/5800?

    This is similar to the price I paid but I have invested a bunch in ALK steep slope crossovers and upgraded all 14 speaker/drivers. The result has been rewarding and my total cost is similar to a run of the mill set of used Khorns. Although thinking about it I have sold all 14 original drivers and that made these more like a set of distressed Khorns.
  10. TUBA HT

    If there were originally detailed instructions of some kind I do not have them. Unfortunately my plans seem to be limited to drawings basically showing general dimensions and a couple of pictures of the unit after it was originally assembled. Seems to me that the area passing through the wall will simply add about 4 inches to the horn and perhaps lower its resonant frequency by a cycle or two which I agree will not be noticeable. Thanks for the info.
  11. TUBA HT

    Thanks for the response. Since your note I have experimented with my existing sub and was unable to hear any significant difference when I flipped the phase switch back and forth. I do not have plans that provide any insight into the use. 1] Will the height off the ground make a significant change in the dispersion? As designed the opening is at floor level. However by placing the unit upside down the opening is 2 feet off the floor. Will this have any meaningful effect on the effects? 2] With my current sub I find I get the best effect by placing the speaker about 18 inches from a corner facing into the corner. I am wondering if this same effect will work with the HT. 3] Another possibility is to make the appropriate sized hole in the wall and put the unit in the adjoining attic. I am wondering if the opening will act as an additional extension to the horn and if so what effect?
  12. TUBA HT

    Height off ground? Point exit into corner? Extend audio channel through wall adding 3 inches; what effect? Why do the amps have a phase switch when the input is identified with plus and minus?
  13. TUBA HT

    Anyone with TUBA HT experience? I am assembling a TUBA HT in the 24 inch version. Anyone with know how on the TUBA?
  14. TUBA HT

    Anyone with TUBA HT experience? I am assembling a TUBA HT in the 24 inch version. Anyone with know how on the TUBA?

    More: Install an acoustic cloth on the Center and a 24" TUBA HT is being reassembled and we will be finished.