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  1. RF 7 's and custom RF 7 Center $1500.00

    Would you consider selling the center by itself?
  2. RC-62 II Center - 11/14 price cut - $159

    Lots of sound for a pittance.
  3. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    Not me.
  4. JBL 590 vs Klipsch?

    They claim 35 hz to 40K hz spectrum. Who can hear 40 k?
  5. Mono price tube amp with phono for $329.

    Maybe, or perhaps Hard Of Hearing...........
  6. Clean looking RC7 Dallas

    I sold really beat up one for $300. I think typical clean C7s go $4-500 but are getting really hard to come by. These are a really quality center channel. Sold mine because I made my own center.
  7. Mono price tube amp with phono for $329.

    Getting an itch......
  8. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    Long live that marvelous, mellow sound from a RF7. If you have to change it go with a upgraded crossover. Look at how popular the Heresy series has been; its simple, most people liked the sound. All this with no real bass and limited highs. Long live the early Klipsch sound!
  9. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    A classic example is the K77 tweeter. It slips a lot at the extreme high end. In fact, most of them are dead at about 17 K. But tests have shown that most people, given the choice, find speakers that go to 20K+ are "too bright." In my case I found that when I changed out the K77s for drivers that would go to 24K that I did not like the change in the sound and I ended up going for drivers with a bit of fade at the extreme top. The early Klipsch engineers were into the "sound" not the specs. More recent marketing has made the specs paramount. A new speaker has to go to 40 Hz and 20K+ or the spec guys turn up their noses with serious disrespect. For example look [ and I really mean listen ] at the current lineup with the 24K tweeters. I listen to the them and then when I listen to some of the old friends like the Chorus and the Khorns with their 17K speakers and I find that I generally prefer that sound. I suspect that is why so many of us treasure the "oldies". But you do all the extreme upgrades they end up sounding just like the new stuff. I for one prefer the older, mellower sound.
  10. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    I agree. The 2 inch horn opens a whole new set of drivers and some really good ones. I have the extreme slope xovers on my TSCM and they made a really major difference. I can listen and ID the individual instruments in the band left to right across the front of my theater. But... this said I found my "old" ears could mostly not tell the difference when I closed my eyes and compared the new driver on the right and the old one on the left. So in my case the extreme slope xovers were the one change that left no doubt about the improvement. So, depending on your ears and your need to keep up with the Jones you might want to save your $.
  11. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    One more thing. Even supposed identical speakers often sound different. I run all the way around my 9.1 system with the white noise from my Marantz. When I started I had 4 different sounds. I am building a center to get the same sound and I have tested and now rejected 4 different RS52ii surround speakers because they sound so different. I have finally got two that sound similar to each other and similar to my set of RS62ii . I still have a set of RB81 that do not sound much alike. Anyone want to exchange an RB81ii so that I can have two that sound alike? PS. There so many reasons supposedly identical speakers do not sound alike that I will leave that discussion to others. The white noise test really is very revealing.
  12. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    Sorry, I modified a set of TSCM, a set of older surrounds, an old RC3 and a pro series PA speakers. To my ears all improved some but the crossover change in the TSCMs was spectacular
  13. JBL 2446H vs Selenium D4400ti

    i have just upgraded several speakers. New drivers, liners and crossovers. Did this in stages one speaker at a time so I could constantly compare the before and after. I found the mid driver changes really did not change the sound [ to my old ears ] very much. The tweeter change was a bit more noticeable but modest. In fact the tweeter change introduced a brightness I really did not like much. By this time I was beginning to think I was wasting my money. I then brought in ALK extreme crossovers and WOW ! I would seriously suggest the " G " version sold by Crites is probably better than your ears. Save your $. The 77 tweeter has very limited highs but most people like the sound. Again I suggest you do it one speaker at a time so you can really know what makes an improvement. [To your ears since I suspect you will be the prime listener. ] $ do not always equate with value.
  14. I've opened a Klipsch ticket and they say a response should be coming in a week. Don't they understand a speaker not working is a speaker wasted? I think these will serve me well.
  15. Clean looking RC7 Dallas

    Claims "like new" condition.