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  1. I made a two way center using two 400's with a couple of 10" woofers for my TSCM speakers in my theater. Used Selenium 220ti for the drivers and a 600 hz crossover with absolutely great results. I have a great timber match to my modified TSCM. I used a sealed acoustic suspension box and my rough measurements suggest my low frequency fall off is about 50 hx and the top is beyond my hearing. As a second test I fed white noise from my Marantz to the TSCM and then to the center. The sound was remarkably similar. [Better in fact than my two RS-52 which you would think would be identical. I have checked close to a dozen sets of speakers with white noise and when compared they are distressingly dissimilar.]
  2. You get those beauties hooked up and playing we want a report.
  3. For you an easy ride but for me a long 2 day trip. It is much more complicated than the miles. I have to convince my significant other of a need since the center would be on the living room TV which is her domain. My media room is well done already.
  4. Tell me a bit more about the center. Is this a front with a new front motorboard? Stock front crossover?
  5. Turns out I am well over 300 miles away. Just too far but I think you are selling the ultimate center for an RF7 system. There are RC7s around for sale for more than that.
  6. Let me work on logistics and get back.
  7. I could not agree more. I have upgraded a set of TSCM w/ newer [ better? ] drivers and then the best change was the ALK steep slope crossover. These are a bargain!
  8. And I just bought a 600..... Where were you when I needed you?
  9. Would you consider selling the center by itself?
  10. They claim 35 hz to 40K hz spectrum. Who can hear 40 k?
  11. Maybe, or perhaps Hard Of Hearing...........
  12. I sold really beat up one for $300. I think typical clean C7s go $4-500 but are getting really hard to come by. These are a really quality center channel. Sold mine because I made my own center.
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