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  1. Khorn face plates are gone. Left: RF 81ii pair @ $300 which I will ship IF buyer pays UPS to pack and ship and assumes the risk of UPS screwing up. Two clean K55-X drivers @ $140.
  2. They are really clean. The mounting screws are there with the nuts. Some one took some care when they removed these. Looks like I just lost the car to the wife so it may be tomorrow one the cost. I will try the UPS fare calculator and see if that works.
  3. Sorry thought you had given up. I will be going to UPS tomorrow and will get a price on shipping.
  4. I built a whole theater just to get the wife calmed down with my TSCMs....... Love those pics!
  5. All the diaphragms, tweeters are sold and the crossovers are pending. Surely there is someone out there who needs the Khorn face pieces and/or the really good sounds of the 82ii. Willing to let someone give them a home. Good grief guys: there is a set of RB81 here for $125 more than my RF 82ii. Condition looks about the same.
  6. Actually I think it is sold but if not I will get back to you.
  7. UPDATE: Items remaining Khorn front face with cloth $40 OVO. Emblem worth almost this much 2 ea. K55 X and one Selenium D250 [ k55 clone ] $150 for the 3 2 ea RF 82ii $300 North Dallas Good used shape
  8. Part number says 4...?
  9. Sell. I have what looks like a unused AK-4. I have an old price list that lists them from Klipsch at $265 each but this price list has no date. I am asking $ 275 for both.
  10. To the right side wires: + and - To the left side wires: +LFIN and -LFIN -W and +W +M and -M +HFIN and -HFIN Any one really know what these are?
  11. Costs listed on second posting. But to make sure they get better visibility here they are: 2 Klipsch RF 82ii Similar used pair on EBAY for $350 SELL FOR $300 2 front panels for Khorns $40 They are spiffey 2 k-55-X Ebay old beat up are $150. These are low mileage and pristine. $150 1 Selenium D250 [ k 55 replacement ] Parts express $39 ea. $25 New, still in parts express box. 2 Four way premium crossovers with cables [never used ] SW-WOOFER-MIDRANGE-TWEETER $ $275.00 for both Klipsch parts list: 116646 AL-4 NETWORK W/WIRE (P) EA $263.93 Actually gives me a chance to bounce to top!
  12. Klipsch charges $265 for the new one by the price list I just was given.
  13. Have been experimenting with a couple of 10" woofers and a K33. Looks like all three will go well above 500 cps so I may chose a higher figure. Would like to keep the number low to maximize the center horn sound to the horns on my TSCMs
  14. Turns out I have the room for the deep horn. I will probably use an ALK high db crossover which means I could go to 500 cps. [ the data from JA above suggests that tests got the horn to load as low as 260 but I will not find a driver to go that low. Looking for suggestions: Driver to cover 500 to 17K? [That doesn't break the bank.]
  15. AK-4 seems to match the 4 outputs