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Found 9 results

  1. While they are remodeling my den/home theater, I’m going to get them to reinforce the ceiling, building places to mount 6 Heresy II, for incorporation into my home theater. First pair I want to go on modified bookshelves, where the kg3 & kg1’s are now.
  2. Anyone have a pair, with screws, collecting dust?
  3. Prefer a pair of 3 Slant Risers, &/or Pair or 3 FLAT Risers in Walnut Oiled... One odd slant riser ok in Black. Greenback$, Trade, Partial Trade, &/or Firm Handshake OK.
  4. WALNUT FINISH, $599 {SERIAL #'S : 8616385, 8616386...} I'm probably going to hate myself in the future for doing this, but seeing as I've had my Klipsch Forte speakers boxed up for the last 14 years, (much longer then i used them), so i think it's time to sell them to someone who will appreciate them once again... I've seen quite a few sets of these for sale over the years, but never in the condition of the ones that i have... I always wonder why many of the speakers I've seen have rusty screws, along with beat up cabinets and pushed in woofers or passive radiators.. I have taken really good care of these ! I don't have children, so no little bundles of joy have poked their sticky little fingers where they don't belong ! lol ...and i don't smoke cigarettes so they won't smell nasty either... Seeing as i lived next to the Commissioner of Public Safety in my town, i have to say that i babied them, lol.. Then i moved to a smaller house with even closer neighbors, so i left them in storage (at my parents house) ..... Did i mention that they are in the original boxes ?!!! So if you've been waiting to find a really good pair, and live within driving range of the Jersey shore, this is your chance.. An hour and a half from Philly, and an hour from N.Y.C., (assuming light traffic...) Exit 109 on the parkway, near Red Bank..... I'll miss them, i'm sure, but i do still have Klipsch bookshelf speakers, sound bar with sub for tv, and speakers with sub for computer, so i'm still pretty well equipped.. 🐵 i just edited all my pictures so that they are under 2MB only to find out that 2MB is the total size allowed..lol.. lots more pics available..just ask !!!
  5. Hi, I am looking for something like this, anybody selling walnut?
  6. Anybody interested in a "modern" 5 channel, bi-amped, Heritage Home Theater setup with matching walnut rack and MiniDSP? I have mine up on Audiogon: https://www.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-klipsch-heritage-home-theater-2016-10-16-speakers-48114-brighton-mi It's a great system but it's time to downsize.
  7. No Affiliation. http://chicago.craigslist.org/nwc/ele/5143717546.html @@mark61107, weren't you looking for some under $2k? Now is your chance.
  8. Im asking $260 obo for this pair of walnut KG4's. They are in good condition but not without a couple of flaws on the wood. On the photo of both speakers facing with the grills on, on the back right of the top of the speaker you can see an imperfection, an impression, or indentation. I'm the second owner. They work just as they should. I am located in Central Arkansas. PM me if interested. Thank you.
  9. SOLD I am selling my beloved Klipsch Heresy II (walnut oiled) with matching factory risers. These were built in 1990 or 1991 (hard to tell with the weird serial numbers used in those two years) and have the consecutive serial numbers 59620 and 59621. The crossovers were recapped in 2011 (Sonicaps + a non-polarized electrolytic), but the speakers are otherwise stock. They have been very well cared for, but are 20+ years old so there are slight signs of wear (mostly in the edge banding around the motor board). All seams are tight and the grilles are in very good shape. I am asking $450.00 for the speakers with the factory risers included. If you do not want the risers, I'll drop the price to $400.00. Local pickup (Puget Sound area) preferred as these would be extremely expensive to ship due to weight and size. If you are local and wish to audition them, this can be arranged. -D
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