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Heyu, thanks for sharing. Ms. Valerie, of course, is a legend of her own in her many years of educating the young minds of Hope. People I have met who have been in her classroom hold her in great respect. She deserves more of the limelight... may she live long and prosper in the ways she holds dear.

Of course, none of this takes away from the man whose factory began as a shack that seemed too tiny for three fellows to build an acoustic empire it it. Mr. Paul proved that an acoustic maverick can make a world-wide footprint... and made "live" concerts possible in living rooms everywhere. And, yea though we walk through the valley of audiophile accuracy and detail, we have Mr. Paul to thank for the Legends of the Past... and that they are re-building Hope for the future. May it serve as well.

I look forward to having a copy on the coffee table in front of my rig. PWK is three years older than my mother... who enjoys his handiwork every day... she thinks that Klipsch sound has been her Renaissance. It sure would be able to get an autographed copy for her upcoming 95th birthday.


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