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Just a thought:

In the 1940s, Paul W. Klipsch designed and produced the Klipschorn. Think of what the source material of the day sounded like, mono radio, horrible records, and who knows what else. However, these speakers are still in production to this very day. Isnt it absolutely amazing that this guy (now almost 100 years old, keep going Paul!) made a speaker almost 60 years ago and that he didnt know what it was capable of? Now days, these speakers are mind-blowing, they can reproduce even the most advanced and demanding electronic music and movie soundtracks better than almost any speaker in existence! This is also true for speakers like the Paragon and other JBL, Altec, etc. legends. What I am trying to say is that this man made one of the best loudspeakers in existence without even hearing it, I find that truly amazing, and what does this say about the future of audio, not Bose, but BIG HORNS AND DRIVERS!

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