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Morglbl USA 2009


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Morglbl is a FANTASTIC 3-piece French jazz (using the term loosely... they are hard to pigeon-hole) band who were in the U.S.A. last year on tour for a few weeks. No affiliation, other than a friend of the promoter and a fan of their music. Here's a link on carveraudio.com for more information:


These guys are the real deal. The lead guitarist was voted one of the top 5 guitarist in the world.


A charming young lady called to book the band for their very first gig, even before they had a name! M-ö-r-g-l-b-l was the first group of letters that came to mind.

Led by extraordinary guitarist Christophe Godin, Mörglbl gained international acclaim with the release of their first two CD's in 1998 and 1999. In 2007 Mörglbl came roaring back with a new CD, Grötesk, now bringing wide attention and high praise in the US.

In 2005 Godin was voted 5th best international guitar player in a GuitarPart magazine readers poll. One of his students once asked how he got to be so good. He jokingly responded it was because he can cross his eyes and watch each hand simultaneously. Later the poor kid came to him in tears after attempting this for weeks and failing!

Bassist Ivan Rougny, just like Godin, conducts masterclasses in Geneva. Rougny somehow makes his 6 string bass sound like two instruments at the same time.

Mörglbl now features exciting new drummer Aurélien Ouzoulias, a veteran of many bands on the French music scene whose double bass drum sounds like a big Harley V-twin.

This band seems to work telepathically on stage, charging through a variety of styles and timings while entertaining the crowd with an endless array of facial expressions and humorous banter. Often an audience sometimes of thousands is left roaring with laughter. Once you've seen them live you'll know you've been Mörglbled!


Christophe Godin - Guitar
Sponsors: Laney, Vigier, Zoom, Ernie Ball

Ivan Rougny - Bass
Sponsors: Laney, Vigier, Capelli Luthier

Aurélien Ouzoulias - Drums
Sponsors: Pearl, Vater

Ze Mörglbl Trio - 1998
Bienvenue A Mörglbl Land - 1999
Grötesk - 2007
A new album is due in Spring 2009!

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