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  1. That is so helpful to be able to design and build your own furniture especially to whatever size is needed. Hope you didn't wrestle too much with keeping the drawer guides aligned. I sure would like to hear those amps on my RF7's.....;^)
  2. I was flipping through The 1994 Winter issue of Home Furniture for Wood Workers and on the last page is an advertisement for mechanical lifts that can be used in rooms and entertainment systems. Low and behold there is a pictures with three LaScalas popped up through the floor of a large entertainment room. Bo oh boy, that would really be something to have in the floor of your home! Pop-up-speakers.
  3. Think of the money one could save by only needing one amp. Just the other day I saw an incredibly nice amp for sale and it was a "one only deal"
  4. Rumor has it she is Manager/Owner of a fleet of white vans with very energetic (pushy) men that say their speakers are excess inventory from the warehouse. Good Luck Amy!
  5. A few months back my sister in Missouri put a little bookshelf out at the end of her sidewalk and it too is a free library. Hers is a shelf unit without a roof looking top. Maybe she will be red tagged for dumping furniture, who knows! I thought it was a nice way to .......be nice.
  6. Not even close to the typical looking speaker.
  7. Movies..........................Two channel CD's..............................Two Channel Local Tuner stations.....Two Channel I have tried to work with an SVS cylinder and multi- speaker setups some time ago but the simplicity of two channel and always trying to extract the best from all sources is very entertaining.
  8. There wasn't a single one on the shelf. Barnes and Noble bookstore on the south side of Indy no longer carries a wide selection (5 or 6) at least of audio magazines. Darn it, I was wanting to do some reading about what might be the latest and greatest. Oh well, I guess it may be due to lack of overall interest in "large" size audio components. Now I bet if I went looking for headphones or little, mini or toy size electronic components there is probably a multitude of options. How times change.
  9. I vote repair it. If your piece sounded good to you and it's in good shape, it may be an inexpensive way to get it back on the road so to speak. Nice link "many moons audio" I'm going to contact him about my old Conrad Johnson stereo amp because I have always liked it until it started making a noise in one channel. Pat
  10. Bill, I put my 7's up on spikes for the first time and I heard the same thing, I've been known to have a vivid imagination. Pat
  11. Dude, That is a great idea and it looks very nice.
  12. New cell phone or did my boss just tighten my leash? I got one of those new fangled Apple smart phones and it works OK. I do like the ability to go online and send someone an email. Surprisingly the ease of using a tiny keyboard with my adult size fingers it works incredibly well. Oh yeah, My wife was laid off today after 40+ years with her job. Seems like Tenure doesn't mean much anymore. So much for her retirement. As a side note.... My Boss and I get along well. CHEERS!
  13. No, they would not be too much. At low volumes they are great.
  14. Long thread, interesting. I may have been one of Dean's earlier RF7 customers but I'm not positive. Even after waiting for my speakers to be back up and running and without changing a thing in the system, a huge difference could be heard. And I do mean a huge / better sound at that. Sorry for not being able to describe it better for you. Pat
  15. FINALLY! Downtown it poured down rain for about a half hour or so and the ground stayed wet for a while too. It has been real dry around here lately.
  16. The guy sitting in the chair probably whacked his carriers on the head with his umbrella or cane to change direction. []
  17. Oh Geez, Boxx.[^o)] I picked up a Garmin 50 w/ lifetime maps and it's charging now. Boy, I hope this thing turns out to be a winner, It feels like a a solid piece of electronics in hand. I'll probably pick up a case for it somewhere to store it and protect the large..ish screen and hope it doesn't get misplaced like someone else may have done. []
  18. Not that I would anyway but...............I will never buy Lexicon.
  19. Interesting....thanks guys.
  20. Anyone have experience using one made to take on the road in an automobile? I've been looking at Garmin and they seem pretty simple. I wonder if it would be handy to pull it out of the console, punch in a search word to find some local entertainment in a town. I can't really see using it while driving but if it is full of good stuff maybe it is worth a hundred and a half or so. Are these things outdated maybe? My significant other is going on a driving trip by herself a couple hundred miles and I wondered if she could make use of it. In the past we always used a Rand McNally Travel Atlas. Any experiences good or bad would be appreciated. Thanks Guys.
  21. Hey ! He looks prepared for something although I'm not sure what. Look at those "baby" eyes. Never saw one of those or anything like him for that matter.
  22. They are a blast aren't they? Those sevens sure put out the sound in my two channel system.[][Y]
  23. I completely understand how the voices and music just flow smoothly from these horns. Fascinating.
  24. My Birthday is in March.[] I'll even adopt you as my FIL.
  25. Wow, that's over the top.
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