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    Cornwall ll powered by Conrad Johnson CAV 50 in Triode mode,Dual 1229 TT,Marantz 125 tuner and Apple MAC Amazon Prime Music as well as I Tunes
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  1. Like new,one month since purchase,excellent Bookshelf speakers for a small to medium size room,I have always used Klipsch in my 20x24 room, Free ship to CONUS, I am wanting to buy Corn Scalas. Located in Middle Tennessee.New price$2400.00 will sell for $1500.00 Will hand deliver within 100 miles of Nashvillle Tn
  2. Hi Dave, You can contact me via e mail<paparobin1940@gmail/com> regarding the Cornsacals Robin
  3. Hi Dave,, Robin in BonAqua, I would like to come down and listen and perhaps buy the Cornscalas.I am retired and free to come any time it is good with you.Let me know directions and good time with you. Robin G Hood
  4. Regarding Cornscalas, I am in Bon Aqua,Tennessee Dickson,Tn,I notice your are south of Nashville . Where? I have a pair of like new Tyler Acoustics Taylo Reference Monitors in Cherry finish.Fantastic speakere in a smaller room,as I have always had Klipsch in my20x24 room.Interested in any trades?
  5. I would like to see a photo of the cane grills for CWlls,Thanks,
  6. Well. I have been addicted now for 60 years,began my adventure with Klipsch in 1966 with K Horns, Belles,Heresy and now Cornwalls,all dictated by available space. Met PWK in Hope for my "exposure".
  7. Just acquired a Conrad Johnson CAV amp with Gold Lion KT 77 now well broken in after about 200 hours. OMG !! Can it get better than that!! Brings out the very Best in my Cornwall ll/
  8. Thanks,I was interested in how to find Ser #s
  9. I have a pair of used Cornwalls ll purchased @ 4 years ago.No Info sheet on back of speakers with Ser #s.Why?
  10. My first Klipsch experience was in early 60s. Living in Little Rock it was a stones throw down to Hope where I met THE MAN himself PWK and heard his Demo room set up with K-Horns flanking a Cornwall , powered as I recall by Early Marantz. WOW!! what an experience! Been a Klipsch fan past 50 years.Have owned K- Horns, Belles,Heresy and currently a pair of Cornwalls powered by Vintage Marantz. Its A wonderful Life!! Robin1940
  11. I was privileged to have met PWK in his factory showroom in Hope @ 1966.At that time he auditioned a pair of Khorns and a Cornwall center,powered by Marantz T preamp and a Marantz amp. The sound was !!! Now years later I am blessed to have a pair of Cornwall ll s powered by Vintage Marantz 7T and Marantz 250 Power Amp; Proving "OLD is still GOOD. Robinhood1940
  12. How to improve WAF with Klipsch Cornwalls
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