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  1. RF-7 IIs B Stock $1200, Madison

    You better post a pic or Dizrotus is gonna get upset. Where is he? Dizzy...
  2. Heresy's in Portland- $200

    Please disavow. WTF, is the drinking water contaminated? This is simply alerts for deals. Not some dizzy archive.
  3. Heresy's in Portland- $200

    Heresys for $200 aren't going to last long. I assume Carl has seen Heresy's before. Seeing a pic of sold Heresy is not really important.
  4. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    No doubt you are an expert on the dolls. Reading comprehension, not so much.
  5. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    The description of the Alerts section spells it out, clearly. No need for redundancy.
  6. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    There is no such thing as a factory cornscala. I'm going out on a limb and deciding you can't read plain English. Hey slick, read this- Alerts- "Want to alert forum members to sales you are not affiliated with on eBay, Craigslist, etc? Post in here." What part of your reptile brain thought this was my add? The stupid part! Follow 23t to alert forum members to sales you are not affiliated with on eBay, Craigslist, etc? Post in here.
  7. Heresy's in Portland- $200

    Or you could click on the link like a normal person. How's your blood pressure?
  8. Cornscala- Make an Offer

    Are you drunk or stupid? I guess stupid.
  9. Real Deal, he said so Firm. $440

    How about you are an idiot with a tiny dik-brain.,
  10. Jumping from Spendors to Klipsch and NEED HELP

    With that size screen you should be sitting no farther than 7-8 feet from it. At the distance you are now, (unless the camera has distorted it) you are not seeing HD quality. At the proper distance you wouldn't need huge speakers either. http://myhometheater.homestead.com/viewingdistancecalculator.html#anchor_13194
  11. Heresy's in Portland- $200

  12. Do SVS subs ever go on sale?

    China has been producing some of the world's finest audio products for many years. SVS makes very good subs.
  13. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    I'm sure I would love either of them, and the Chorus II. Someday.
  14. Cornwall III vs. Forte III

    Good luck with that. Sometimes I think it's all salesmen in here.