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  1. Bummer they are discontinued. If that's what sold out means.
  2. With a -3hz response at 39hz you are still probably getting in room audible response in the high twenties. Not to mention the the 15 inchers pounding.
  3. That was quite a deal for $650. $500, awesome.
  4. My favorite receiver was the Luxman 351. It sounded better than the Parasound, Pioneer, Kenwood and Yamaha units I've had. If I ever get another analog 2ch receiver, doubtful, it will probably be a Luxman.
  5. This is a comparison of the Klipsch RF63 and the Cerwin vega model one below the one you show. Obviously, it's a video with poor sound but it shows clearly the characteristics of the speakers
  6. You might look into the Schitt Freya. Balanced and SE, passive, jfet or tube mode. Two tube gain stage, two tube followers. $699 http://www.schiit.com/products/freya
  7. https://portland.craigslist.org/mlt/ele/d/oak-klipsch-chorus-speakers/6263128251.html
  8. Wish I had a room for these https://portland.craigslist.org/clc/ele/d/klipsch-electro-voice-corner/6261549685.html
  9. Thanks guys, I wasn't sure I had that right.
  10. I think the model that caught my eye is the rf-83? It looked like those but with four woofers. I have yet to hear them, but I know a lot of folks consider them more refined or less forward than the RF7ii. Anyway, yours look great and maybe the 83's would be overkill in my HT.
  11. With the Primaluna Dialog II, EL34 can be swapped for the stock KT88 and is commonly done.
  12. I hope nurse gives you your pudding before bed.
  13. Isn't anyone using Chromecast Audio? $35 puck that streams from your device, your chosen providers. lossless. lossy, your choice.
  14. I guess if purses are your area of expertise. Not judging, Judy.
  15. When you were using the sa-xr, were you using it in party mode to biamp? I wonder how it sounds compared to the Nakimichi. I have one myself, the xr45, and it sounds much, much better with the digital coaxial input than it does with rca's. I use mine n my HT, but I've thought of picking one up to try with the Quartets. The digital tone control doesn't degrade the signal in the way that analog does. I like too that you don't need a dac with the panasonic.