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Receiver problem.....help plz


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to make a long story short we were using a friends older pioneer to play music through. it was on for a couple hours fairly loud, and after about 2 hours it called it quits and shut itself off...well, luckily when i opened it i found a blown internal agc fuse.

well i went to radio shack looking for a new fuse and bought the closest one i could find. i needed a 125v 3.15amp, and the closest i could find was a 125v 4amp. so i figured i would buy it just to see if i could get the thing to turn on. on a side note....it was "fast-acting". i know my ksw sub needs a "slow-blow", what about recievers?? is fast acting correct? i know they make a couple different kinds right?

with the fuse in i plugged the unit in and all looked ok till i hit the power switch...hahaha. unfortunately as soon as the unit powers on the fuse blows. any idea what can be causing this? i am not sure what would be next to check for or diagnose. again, everything on the board "looks" good. nothing looks or smells burnt. and the power supply sounds like it is clicking on and off. the unit is filthy with dust, but i figured i'd clean it once it was working (if). any suggestions would be great....thanks for the help....and let me know what i can do, or if its junk.


Home Theater System Includes:


Sony STR-V444ES

Fronts: RF-3

Center: RC-3II

Rear: RS3-II

Sun: KSW-12 (Fuse: SB 1.2A)

TV: Sony WEGA 27"

DVD: Sony (Model# ?)

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You've got a dead short through the fuse to ground. In my experience with my old Yamaha, it would not close the speaker relays with a failed resistor in the power supply. That failed resistor took all of the output transistors in one channel when it went. You may have similar problems. You need a service manual and/or professional help.


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