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HDMI set up

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I just got a new TV, Samsung Plasma 50". I have 3 HDMI connections and I was wanting to hook one of them up through my Yamaha receiver. When I do that though, it does not recognize it. I have it set up the old fashioned way lol and it sounds great, but I was wanting to try to do the HDMI just to see if there was anymore clarity.

If someone can throw me a bone here and tell me what I am doing wrong, I'd appreciate it.

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What device are you trying to hook up to your Yamaha?

You aren't going to get any sort of improved video by sending it through your Yamaha receiver. Your Samsung TV will upscale all signals coming into it to whatever its native resolution is (more than likely 1080p).

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generally, you will not improve picture clarity (or sound quality) by adding a component into the chain.

but, you can add convenience by being able to switch both audio and vidio with your avr.

if your interested in the convenience aspect, you can pass the lossless audio codecs with hdmi v1.3. are you getting video through the avr and not audio, if so, this may be your issue.

hope this helps..

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Need more informaiton, such as what are your goals. Do you want to get 7.1 from your receiver?

Also, does your receiver support 1.3?

I connect from my HDMI source to my TV to my receiver becuase my receiver doesn't have HDMI capabilities. It has 7.1, but the center 2 channels are duplicates.

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Well, I have the same receiver. Unfortunately there is no audio decoding in any form with the HDMI connections, it was meant for just an HDMI pass trough or switching. The only way that you are going to get the best quality audio is if you use Fiber Optic cable from Monster Cable. You would have to interconnect the Fiber Optic cable from your device to the receiver ports. Then just send an independent HDMI cable from your device to your Plasma HDMI ports. That's how I have my receiver hooked up, and it sounds great. But you may need to upgrade you receiver to one that is capable of decoding Dolby TrueHD and dts HD. Possibly a Pioneer or a Denon. In-store associates may help you in choose the best receiver for and your needs.

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