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Chorus II speakers


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I would like to get some technical information on my set of Klipsch Chorus II speakers. In specific, ratings, sensitivity, wattage, ect.. The same sort of things that are posted for newer products. I seem to have lost the paperwork for these. I would like to compare what is available now to help choose some complementary speakers for my home system. Here are the serial numbers if that would help with any research:123294673 and 118291573. Also I would like any input regarding value of these speakers. I purchased them new back in 1991 and they have been great. Thanks for all your help in this matter.


Jon Buckley

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This is from one of my klipsch brochures I've accumulated over the years:



39Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB


101dB sp, one watt/one meter

Maximum Continuous Output:


Nominal Impedance:

8 Ohms

Power Handling:

100 watts maximum continuous (1000 watts


Enclosure Type:

Vented box (via passive radiator), three

way system

Drive Components:

K-79-K tweeter

K-61-K midrange

K-48-E 15" (38cm)woofer

KD-16 15" (38cm) passive radiator


89 lbs. (40.4kg)


Height: 39" (99.1cm)

Width: 18 1/2" (47cm)

Depth: 15 1/2" (31.1cm)

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For a value estimate, I would say between $700- $1000. That is based on what they have been selling for on eBay recently, but that depends greatly on condition, and the sellers knowledge of what he is selling. A pair just sold for $500 last week, and then I saw a pair sell for over a $1000 about 2 months ago.

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Just to reply to last message. The speakers he is replying to selling for 500 last week were chorus not chorus 2 and the seller withdrew them early from the bidding so i would imagine buyer made a deal but most likely well over the 500. I have never seen chorus 2's sell for less than 800 personally and if anyone did sell them for less they would have to have "I AM STUPID" on there forehead.Just my 2 cents.

Chorus 2's

Adcom GFA 555II

Adcom GFP 555II

Cal Audio Icon MKII

Cardas Cables & Interconnects


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The "buy-it-now" feature is new on e-bay-I actually think they got the idea from Yahoo auctions and it is good for both buyer & seller.The seller gets his/her asking price (without waiting) and if the buyer is lucky to be the first bidder at that price it makes for a good sale.

Now if you wanted to make some money you put up a high "reserve" price and let the bidding fever go!I've actually seen people get into the bidding process and pay over retail just to win the auction.

I have bought from both e-bay & Yahoo auction and have had good luck with both.

You just had to stick by what your willing to spend and don't get caught up in the whole thing.


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