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  1. I have the Custom-2 as well, and I'm using the large single flange tips. The right one seals great, but the left one won't. I have to keep pushing it back in all the time, and it just won't stay in place. I tried the double flange ones, but they don't work for me at all. I would like to find a pair of XL tips, but Klipsch says they don't offer them. Has anyone tried the Comply memory foam tips on the Custom-2? They offer them in size L, but I'm not sure if they would do any better. Steve
  2. Well I guess it is time for my side of the story, since Ivan has taken advantage of his side already and rallied the troops against me. The speaker was wrapped in 3 layers of bubble wrap all around it. It was then placed in a thick cardboard box, and taped up very well. It was shipped on January 31, 2002 with $700 worth of insurance on it at a total cost of $175.60.....reciept is sitting in front of me. Ivan contacted me and sent me pictures of the speaker with 7 of 8 corners broken on it and asked for my help. I went to my post office and filed the insurance claim on Feb. 14, 2002. My local post office informed me it would take some time since it was an international shipment, and the Australian Post Office would need to confirm the damage and work with the USPS for this claim to go thru. So I filled out all the paperwork and he sent it on it's way, and I checked the box to have them send the insurance money to Ivan and told him to keep the speaker and do whatever he wanted with it. Time went by, and I never heard anything about it. Then Ivan called me saying he had never recieved any money and if I knew what was going on. I said I had assumed that the money had been sent to him and that the claim was a done deal. I told him I would contact the USPS and try to find out what was going on. I called the 1-800 numbers listed on the claim forms and they were of little help, so it was back to the post office to see what they could find out. The post office said they would look into it and get back to me....and again he said this could take time since it is an international shipment. All this time Ivan is calling daily at all hours of the day and night, and repeatedly I told him I was working on it and I would let him know as soon as I found anything out. The call intercept wasn't put on the line to keep Ivan from calling me.....it was done to stop telemarketers from getting thru to us. It plays a rejection message anytime a private or anonymous number calls....Ivan's apparently is one of those two since none of his calls have been getting thru. The last info I had from the USPS is that the Australian PS hadn't gotten in contact with the USPS about the damage and the claim was considered dead. I was going to refile the claim, but was informed that I couldn't since I already had filed one before......this is all from the local post office. In my opinion, I believe the speaker was damaged in customs. I am assuming they removed the speaker to examine it, and when they repackaged it they didn't do such a great job. I have done everything I could do in this situation, the USPS is a painintheass to deal with and they give you the complete runaround every chance they can. That is my side of the story.....think of it as you will. At this point, I could care less what any of you think of me....and I will no longer be posting to this board since I am already considered guilty by everyone of you....even ones that I have dealt with favorably in the past. Steve
  3. Are these still available? Did you consider my offer? Let me know, Steve ------------------ Home Theater Page
  4. According to your auction you would sell them for $500, now you want $650? I would be interested in them, but I would like to trade my Quartets(walnut) for them plus some $$$. And the distance between us would be a bit of a hassle too.....coming to Maine for a vacation anytime soon??? Let me know and maybe we can work something out. Steve ------------------ Home Theater Page This message has been edited by myram on 09-03-2002 at 07:40 AM
  5. I'm in Maine, right on the coast, but about 2 hours from Rockland. You just missed the Yarmouth Clam Festival last weekend....that is always a good time. Rockland is really located with nothing around it exciting, and it's really out and away from the main highways to shorten any trips. New England Hi-Fi used to be a great Klipsch dealer, but in recent years they have gone to **** and really push Paradigm speakers. I bought my first pair of Klipsch speakers there back in 1990....KG 4's. Tweeter is the biggest Klipsch dealer around here now, but their prices are way too high. If you are driving back, you will end up coming down Rte. 1 to 295, then taking the Maine Turnpike down to New Hampshire. I am located off of exit 4 of the Maine Turnpike....about 7 miles from the exit and about 1 mile from the ocean. If you are up for a couple hour drive each way....let me know and maybe we can get together. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  6. I have a similar system, Quartet mains, Academy center, Kg 1.5 rear, Kg .5 sides. Great sounding system, and everything is seamless. Take a look for yourself at the link below. If I were you I would go for a pair of Kg 1.2 to match your existing rears. Steve ------------------ Home Theater Page
  7. Hey Rich.. You can check out my Home Theater page, I have a pair of Quartets for mains. Go for the Academy for your center......it is well worth it. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  8. I have the KG 1.5's up against the back wall on shelves I built. They are angled down and forward, so the port actually has about 1/2" between it and the wall. Send me an email if this is something you might be interested in. myram@angelfire.com ------------------ Home Theater Page
  9. I have a pair of KG 1.5's in oak oil that I will trade you for your SS-1's. I am using the KG 1.5's as rear surrounds in my 7.1 system. They are in excellent condition and come with original box and packing. Email me at myram@angelfire.com if this is something that sounds of interest to you. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  10. I set up a buddy's Quintet system using a Denon AVR-1601 and it sounds great. You would now want to get the Denon AVR-1602, it is the newest model, it sells for around $400 retail, $300 online. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  11. The Academy has been sold. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  12. Thanks Klipsch-daddy. There is a RC-3 for sale over at www.hometheaterforum.com in the hardware for sale section. And there are always a few on eBay for sale around $250-$300. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  13. Thanks Jim....it's good to see there are some good people left here. Thanks again!! ------------------ Home Theater Page
  14. What can a guy only have 1 friend?? It just so happens that my buddy that I found the Academy for is still loving it and using it with his Cornwalls for a great front stage. This is another friend of mine that is breaking down his system because he just doesn't use HT enough to have the big speaker just sitting there. He is going back to 2 channel stereo and is selling this Academy due to lack of use. This thread was meant to help those who are looking for an Academy. If you don't agree with the price he is asking, then move on and don't buy it. Next time if I have anything for sale, it will go directly to eBay and I'll forget all about trying to help out the people here. ------------------ Home Theater Page
  15. No longer held.......open market here it comes. ------------------ Home Theater Page
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