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  1. Long time since I have posted here. Gary called me about a week ago about Larry’s passing and I have been thinking a lot about him. He for sure opened my eyes regarding classical music, and I have him to thank for my modest classical vinyl collection. I fell in love with the big symphony recordings, and managed to see a few of them with him, Gary and Marty. I too had been to his place a few times and got to see and listen to his rig, and it was very impressive to say the least. As others have mentioned, Larry was soft spoken, kind and a true gentleman, and he will be sorely missed. Thinking of you Larry. RIP brother! Mike
  2. I bought one new in 1979 while stationed in Germany. I always loved that receiver. I sold it in 1982 when I went with Yamaha separates (M4/C4/T7), which was a big mistake imo. I will always have a soft spot for that receiver. Mike
  3. Just a couple of guys that have been in many bands over the last 48 years. They both sing great harmony's and do a lot of Eagles, Jackson Brown, CSNY, Elton John, and that sort of thing. Mike
  4. Guys, I have many systems. The only one mentioned in my sig is the 2-channel. I also have a very nice sounding 5-ch system that shares the Khorns, and uses an Anthem D2 pre-pro ($6K) with 5-ch of Acurus amplication. As mentioned, the Blu-Rays and DVD-Audio discs sound outstanding. The Oppo also has a separate 2-ch out that I use with my 2-ch rig, and I mostly play 2-ch SACD's thru it. It all sounds very good. A lot of it sounds spectacular. All I am saying is I still prefer the vinyl most of the time. Having said that, most of the vinyl I am playing are audiophile recordings, and cost s between $30 and $75 per LP. Mike
  5. Years ago I was given a tape of Side A from Kansas' Leftoverture, made at the studio that recorded that album, from the original master tape. I had both the LP and the CD so I set up a comparison test, taking the time to match levels exactly, and synchronized the playback so that I could easily switch between the three formats. There were several people present at the comparison and, using the tape as a reference standard, everyone agreed that the CD sounded closer to the tape. No one but me knew whether the CD or the LP was being compared to the tape. I did other tests between CDs and LPs without any comparison reference, and the CDs beat the LPs in every case. No measurements were taken during any of the comparisons I made. Don, I have done the same kind of experiments and experienced exactly the same results! You two should live together! Sounds like a match made in heaven.. Just to stay on topic, I have over 400 cd's and 2000 LP's, with a number of the same recordings on both formats, and the vinyl trumps the CD every time, maybe with the exception of my Kansas lp's. None of the originals are worth a damn, and that includes some half speed masters and audiophile pressings. Mike
  6. Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to hearing the kp-201's thru the vrd's with live music. I could also hookup the cornscala's, which might be overkill.
  7. Chris, please educate yourself to how vinyl is being clreated today. 99% of what I'm buying and listening to is being recorded off the master tapes. Mike
  8. I have heard numerous good digital sources. My dvd-a's and blu-Rays sound amazing. They just don't move me. And Chris, lighten the hell up! You have no idea what my rig sounds like nor what my ears are hearing. I think everyone here knows your opinion. And it matters no more than mine. Mike
  9. As long as QRP stays alive I will be a happy man!!
  10. Yeah, makes me a little nervous there. Will try first with the Samson, even though it has 1/4" inputs. Mike
  11. Ticks and pops are so inconsequential with a good rig, so that's a moot point now if you ask me. It really comes down to what you prefer listening to. For me, vinyl just sucks me in and compels me to sit in the sweet spot to listen. Digital has never made me feel that way. YMMV... Mike
  12. Ok cool. I want to make sure there will be no harm to the vrd's , but also want to make sure the vrd's can provide enough power. The only other amp I have is a Samson S700.
  13. They are not using the main out and there are no amplifiers, just the mixer mentioned above. Wouldn't the mixer be acting as a preamp and could control the volume when sending the signal to my amp via the main outs? Mike
  14. Instead of payment, I'm flying them down from Pittsburgh and putting them up for 3 days. Sounds pretty fair to me....
  15. I've got some out of town friends coming to my house over the winter holidays to play a Christmas party. They are bringing a Behringer XENYX 1202FX mixer, 2 mics, Keyboard and Guitar, along with all the 1/4" cables. I have a couple of amps and a pair of KP-201 speakers and told them we could use them with their gear, but they are not so sure. From looking at the mixer I see some main outs that should be able to feed my tube amp using a 1/4" to rca adapter, and then running rca's into the amp. I could then run speaker wire from the amp to the KP-201's. Besides the VRD's I have a Samson amp which has 1/4" inputs, but wouldn't the VRD's sound better? I would like to think so. Any help would be appreciated here if I am missing something. Thanks, Mike
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