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Need a pair of tweeter T 35 Alnico!


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Can you say eBAY?

Do you need tweeters or just replacement diaphragms? The latter are available cheap from EV or less cheap from Klipsch and come with directions to replace. It is very easy (My Cornwalls came with both tweeters open).


all the best,


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There are 2 possible fixes for your ringing. The K-77-M's voice coils might be damaged and might be rubbing. That is fixed by replacing the diaphragms. A repair shop can test that with a signal generator using pure tones (you'll hear the rubbung as a ring). The other fix might be to damp the horns with a soft, non-hardening putty placed on the back side of the horn. We call that "rope caulk" in the U.S. and it is used to seal the glass in windows to the wooden frame.

Which speaker and netwoek do you have? The Type AA has a pair of diodes in parallal to the tweeter that cause nasty sounds when more than about 2 watts is sent to the tweeters. They protect the tweeters, but chop off the top of the signal and the result is harsh. Klipsch has used better tweeter protection in newer networks.

AlNiCo K-77s are rare indeed, now. The only place I've seen them for sale is on ebay.com.


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