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which surrounds to pair with my system?


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hey guys i have another Q about surrounds. i just bought a pair of RF-83's and an RC-64 so i was wondering wich surrounds to go with or what people typicly pair with these? obviously for the side surrounds the rs-62's would be the perfect match, but what about backs? would a pair of rsx-3's be ok? or would they just get overshadowed by the bigger others? any help would be great

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Rear surrounds aren't too important because not much info comes out of them. I'd say a pair of RB-61's will do just fine. If you want the whole shabang setup, then get the RB-81's and be done with any upgrades in the future. For future reference, this post would probably be better suited in the "home theater" section of the forum. You'd get alot more responses there anyway....

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